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May 4, 2022 - May 9, 2022

LIC IPO Subscription Details

LIC IPO Subscription Status Live

LIC IPO subscribed 2.95 times. The public issue subscribed 1.99 times in the retail category, 2.83 times in QIB, and 2.91 times in the NII category by May 9, 2022 (Day 6).

Investor CategorySubscription (times)Shares OfferedShares Bid forTotal Amount (Rs Cr.)*
Qualified Institutions2.8339,531,23611,20,68,96010,635.34
Non-Institutional Buyers2.9129,648,4278,61,93,0608,179.72
Retail Investors1.9969,179,66313,77,84,06013,075.71
Total 2.95162,078,06747,83,67,01045,397.03

Disclaimer: *The total amount is calculated based on the final issue price or the price in the upper price range.

LIC IPO (Day-wise) Subscription Details (times)

Day 1
May 4, 2022
Day 2
May 5, 2022
Day 3
May 6, 2022
Day 4
May 7, 2022
Day 5
May 8, 2022
Day 6
May 9, 2022

LIC IPO Shares Offered

LIC IPO is a public issue of 221,374,920 equity shares. The issue offers 69,179,663 shares to retail investors, 39,531,236 shares to qualified institutional buyers, and 29,648,427 shares to non-institutional investors.

CategoryShares OfferedAmount (Rs Cr) Size (%)
Anchor Investor59,296,8535,627.2726.79%

IPO Investor Categories

  • Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB)

    Financial Institutions, Banks, FIIs, and Mutual Funds registered with SEBI are called QIBs. In most cases, QIBs represent small investors who invest through mutual funds, ULIP schemes of insurance companies, and pension schemes.

  • Non-Institutional Investors(NII)

    Retail Individual Investors (HNI), NRIs, Companies, Trusts, etc who bid for shares worth more than Rs 2 lakhs are known as Non-institutional bidders (NII). Unlike QIB bidders, they do not need SEBI registration.

    NII category has two subcategories:

    1. sNII (bids below Rs 10L)

      The Small NII category is for NII investors who bid for shares between Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs. The 1/3 of NII category shares are reserved for the Small NII sub-category. This subcategory is also known as Small HNI (sHNI).

    2. bNII (bids above Rs 10L)

      The Big NII category is for NII investors who bid for shares worth more than Rs 10 Lakhs. The 2/3 of NII category shares are reserved for the Big NII subcategory. This subcategory is also known as Big HNI (bHNI).

  • Retail Individual Investors(RII)

    The retail individual investor or NRIs who apply up to Rs 2 lakhs in an IPO are considered as RII reserved category.

  • Employee (EMP)

    A category of eligible employees who have a reserved quota in the IPO.

  • Others

    A category of eligible shareholders or other investors who have a reserved quota in the IPO.

What is the difference between RII, NII, QIB and Anchor Investor?

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LIC IPO Subscription FAQs

The LIC IPO is subscribed 2.95 by May 9, 2022.

LIC IPO Subscription

Investor CategorySubscription (times)
Qualified Institutional2.83
Non Institutional2.91
Retail Individual1.99
Employee Reservations4.40
Total Subscription2.95

Retail category of LIC IPO subscribed 1.99 times as of date May 9, 2022. The public issue closes on May 9, 2022 for bidding.

An investor can apply in LIC IPO online via bank (using ASBA) or the broker (using UPI). The LIC IPO shares are offered online only.

The LIC IPO is subscribed 2.95 by May 9, 2022.

The LIC IPO allotment status is expected on or around May 12, 2022. Visit LIC IPO allotment status to check.

The LIC IPO listing date is Tuesday, May 17, 2022. The equity share of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) will list on BSE, NSE.

Visit LIC IPO subscription status page for real-time bidding information about LIC IPO.

LIC IPO Timetable

IPO Opens OnMay 4, 2022
IPO Closes OnMay 9, 2022
Finalisation of Basis of AllotmentMay 12, 2022
Initiation of RefundsMay 13, 2022
Credit of Shares to Demat AccountMay 16, 2022
IPO Listing DateMay 17, 2022


52. Prasad     Link|May 17, 2022 6:58:44 PM
My words came true. I am glad not to applied this IPO.
51. S jhawar     Link|May 12, 2022 6:48:40 PM
What's today's gmp
51.1. Rocky     Link|May 12, 2022 6:57:47 PM
it will list at 500
51.2. Surya     Link|May 13, 2022 4:06:17 PM
Lic IPO open 1145 to 1250 range best wishes all allotted person
50. Vishal     Link|May 9, 2022 6:58:59 PM
Dear frnds

This subscribe low bcs of gov only interested for adani and ambani handel the indian economy like stock mkt, retail chain, mall business, real estate etc. That's why fii everyday sold a stock around 3000 crores.

It's means fii not trusted our mkt of some government base stock.
50.2. VSBJ   I Like It. 1|  Link|May 10, 2022 11:14:13 PM
Vishal, you are so funny ;)
You have a bright future as a stand up.
50.3. Deepanjoy     Link|May 13, 2022 2:55:56 PM
Jab pura knowledge kisi cheez ka na ho... Tab accha hota hai ki aap kam bole.
49. ReTel Investor   I Like It. 1|  Link|May 13, 2022 9:01:02 AM
Much awaited message just arrived.

" Your account has been unblocked by an amount of INR 13335.00, against the UPI one-time mandate"
48. Desmond     Link|May 9, 2022 7:37:27 PM
I hope many people cancel their bid out of fear. Chances of allotment will improve. 😈
47. Saurabh     Link|May 9, 2022 1:24:19 PM
What could be the reason for low subscription for IPO, given the hype that was there.
47.1. Aaashish   I Like It. 1|  Link|May 9, 2022 7:20:46 PM
1) bad market sentiment
2) money tightening by fed

Major dampener

Improper EV value

I think QIB's saw through this

See my other post to understand my views on EV value

Do rate the helpful posts
47.2. Desmond   I Like It. 1|  Link|May 9, 2022 7:36:24 PM
The ipo is too big - main reason

Secondary reason is market atmosphere - but despite this atmosphere market generated several thousands on crores for the ipo which says a lot
46. Sachin patki     Link|May 9, 2022 6:29:01 PM
GMP is just 32. ... Subscription is not at par .... Slow opening seen .... Not extraordinary work from lic India expected..
45. vishal thakar     Link|May 9, 2022 4:54:48 PM
Why premium goes in discount any reason?
44. Kml     Link|May 9, 2022 4:34:16 PM
Lic ipo current gmp (-10)
43. WINNING ONLY   I Like It. 2|  Link|May 9, 2022 1:06:59 PM
listing of campus ipo will surely have positive impact on lic
listing gains are visible
also market is recovering
all positives for lic ipo
42. Prabhat     Link|May 9, 2022 9:48:43 AM
I applied for 5 lots on very first day however as on 08 May only 0.67 % has been applied in QI quota. Whether I have to cancel this or keep as it is, please advise. Further when my blocked amount will release, please confirm
42.1. AnkurOfficial     Link|May 9, 2022 10:49:36 AM
Hey , Prabhat ! If You Are Not In Hurry and if you are able to hold your money like 2-3 months then u should hold !

As Of Now I don't think soo there will be too much listing gain . Only 5-10% listing chances are here!!

If You Cancel Then , Your Blocked Amount will unlocked on refund day or mandate expire date!
Thank You!
41. Alok Agarwal     Link|May 9, 2022 11:01:05 AM
What is the Gray Market Premium of LIC IPO
40. Alok Agarwal     Link|May 9, 2022 10:56:51 AM
What is the GRAY Mkt Premium Of LIC IPO.
40.1. AnkurOfficiaL   I Like It. 1|  Link|May 9, 2022 11:00:41 AM
Current GMP Is 40!
39. Ks     Link|May 7, 2022 2:06:33 PM
Lic me hni ke liye purane rules he ki naye?
39.1. AnkurOfficial     Link|May 9, 2022 10:58:47 AM
New rules starting from 1 May !
But any IPO which is greater than 10000 cr. Is not comes under new rules currently!
So still there are old rules for HNI in LIC IPO
38. Udk   I Like It. 1|  Link|May 7, 2022 2:36:26 PM
Can we apply in policyholder category via 3rd party(in SBI yono lite)?Also,how safe is it for a policyholder to be able to get listing gains.
38.1. AnkurOfficiaL     Link|May 9, 2022 10:56:22 AM
See , if you are a policy holder then you are already getting 60 discount after that whatever will be the listed price you will get 60 + more listing gains! So as of now if you are applying for one lot there will be 2000 to 3000 profit as a policyholder!
37. Alok Agarwal     Link|May 9, 2022 10:55:35 AM
what is the gray market premium of LIC IPO
36. Adarsh R     Link|May 7, 2022 8:24:45 PM
I am policy holder & PAN No is already linked .
If I apply under policy holder with discount of Rs 60
Such case the cut off price is Rs 949-60=889
Is this correct?
36.1. Bapon     Link|May 7, 2022 11:15:13 PM
36.2. AnkurOfficiaL     Link|May 9, 2022 10:53:56 AM
Even You Can Apply In both retain and policyholder !
Retain 45 Discount
Policyholder 60 Discount
Apply In Both , Your Chance of getting allotment will increase!
35. Vs     Link|May 9, 2022 7:40:19 AM
What price should be quoted for lic ipo under HNI category as the cutoff price cannot be used?
34. Ajit     Link|May 8, 2022 7:23:02 AM
"Ur LICIPO applno. TG554116363490 bidded as policyholder is not eligible as per LIC PAN data & RHP. Pls bid in another category,if not bidded already-Kfintech"
------aisa msg muze kyu aaya hai. maine to pan card online update kiya tha kuch month pahle.
34.1. shareHunterz     Link|May 8, 2022 12:54:20 PM

Check your PAN link status on above site
33. Ujjwal Singhal     Link|May 8, 2022 12:54:11 PM
I applied for 1 cr. I think this IPo will easily filled 3-4 time by Monday afternoon and listing gains will be at least 10%