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7. Neelesh Chouhan  May 4, 2019 14:02 Reply

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

Kisi ka SBI se Lein remove ho gya kya?
6. Neelesh Chouhan  May 3, 2019 19:20 Reply

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

Allotment kab Aayega??
5. Neelesh Chouhan  Apr 21, 2019 19:16 Reply

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited IPO

Two lot rakhe he
Hold karu ya sell
Seniors please guide me
Thanks in advance
4. Neelesh Chouhan  Apr 19, 2019 11:31 Reply

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

Mujhe NCD me invest karna he.
Kaun se NCD me invest karu?
seniors please guide me.

thanks in advance
4.3. Neelesh Chouhan  Apr 19, 2019 15:39
4.4. Jaspreet Singh Oberoi  Apr 20, 2019 07:36

Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO

JM Financial NCD opens next week. Invest there.
3. Neelesh Chouhan  Apr 15, 2019 14:53 Reply
2. Neelesh Chouhan  Apr 15, 2019 14:48 Reply

Polycab India Limited IPO

what is listing range?
1. Neelesh Chouhan  Apr 15, 2019 12:08 Reply

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited IPO

Aag Laga di.
PSU me kaun bol raha tha mat lagao

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