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March 14, 2023 - March 17, 2023

Bright Outdoor Media IPO Review & Recommendations

Dilip Davda recommend to "Avoid" the IPO.

Bright Outdoor Media IPO Review Summary from brokers and analysts

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Bright Outdoor Media IPO Analysis By Brokers/Analysts

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Dilip Davda Avoid

Bright Outdoor Media IPO Review by Dilip Davda (Avoid)

[Dilip Davda]  BOML is in the business of OOH and other modes of advertising. After posting an average performance till FY22, it posted boosted profits for H1 of FY23 that raise eyebrows and concern over its sustainability. Based on the super earnings of FY23, the issue is aggressively priced. There is no harm in skipping this “High-Risk / Low-Return” pricey bet. Read detail review...

Bright Outdoor Media IPO Review by Members

Bright Outdoor Media IPO Reviews, analysis and views by popular members. Read Bright Outdoor Media Limited IPO reviews by retail investors to find recommended ipo to buy.

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Bright Outdoor Media IPO Review Summary by Members

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Irrationally priced.
Bright has not made any new acquisition of outdoor screen. More over they are old-school billboard advertisers where as companies like Prodigy DOOH etc have started dominating the Billboard arena with their digital billboards.

Bright might not even exist in upcoming years if they dont switch to digital screens, which requires a huge investments. (more than they have asked in IPO)

Big NO NO for the IPO

I Like It. 2

March 8, 2023 9:52:38 AM

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