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161. Jackpoat  Oct 15, 2011 12:12
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Tijaria Game is over .Now down upto single digit Rs 8 .But long term it can touch 20(2-3 year).I will buy some around 8 for long term
160. Jackpoat  Oct 15, 2011 12:08
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Mr sh- My advice Dont trade on listing day.If you applied just exit.according to listing day next 2-3 days it will follow that trend.you may trade after listing.RDB falls 16% on 2nd day.monday Tijaria fall nearly 10%.
But short sell also always risky.If share goes into upper circit then you must suffer auction.Be careful.
If you trade on listing day heavy gain or heavy loss occurs.Really no one strictly follow SL and wait for some more gain or some recover and may suffer more loss.
Deepak Dudi
159. Deepak Dudi  Oct 15, 2011 09:45
Mr Sh plz stay awey from these type of third class shares Tijaria is like RDB if any bodey have Tijaria Plz sell it imedietly on monday. This Share will come at 4,5 Rs or at 0 in few days..I lost 150000 in RDB so if you dont have knowledge about IPO then stay away or follow strick stop loss. if you are ready for profit then you should be ready for loss also..
158. SkDash  Oct 15, 2011 08:37
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JACKPOT- Thanks for the cl on ventura
Greed & Fear
157. Greed & Fear  Oct 14, 2011 20:35
Mr Sh, I would recommend you close your position as soon as possible (earn profit and become spetator) especially on day 1. Today I closed my position in just 2 min and earned profit... 9:16 sold & 9:18 purcahse..then spectator.....
156. sh  Oct 14, 2011 19:11
Makes great sense. I will try this on monday.
Previous ipo i got the trend wrong and lost.
Today i got the trend right and shorted 4 times and each time SL was hit putting me in losses again.
I guess it's common sense like this that i need. Thanks.
155. Jackpoat  Oct 14, 2011 18:55
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Mr sh , I think ON Listing day SL not works.once it is fall 40 then return 56.
But short lower then issue price and SL At issue price and long above issue price and SL 10% lower then issue price must work in all ipo.
After fall starts it never touches issue price
154. sh  Oct 14, 2011 18:45
selva raj
Thanks for sharing your trade info.
For each order, I just want the
1-Buy price (not qty),
2-SL you put (if any)
3-new SL amount(s) (if you have changed it as time went on)
4-any other thing you might want to add

Even if it is tomorrow, if possible, please post it. Thanks.
153. Jackpoat  Oct 14, 2011 18:40
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SkDash jee - i uses ventura.every thing is ok.Intraday brokorage single side.But trade limit is low- 1 to 4 times.New listing like tijaria-2 times.
selva raj
152. selva raj  Oct 14, 2011 18:07
Hi Sh,
I have made profit of 7500 today..actually I was in loss of 18+ in d morning nearly 11 am.after that i recovered my loss about 60% around 1.then recoverd all at 2..after that I made profit of 7500 at 2.45.
Actually I did totally 10 complete order so it ll take long time to type here
gundu anna
151. gundu anna  Oct 14, 2011 17:06
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I have given suffecient warning to NOT to application for junk issues. You will loose ALL ur money if you trade in third class issues.

Buy some good mutual funds and hold for atleast 5 years, u will make money. there are good stocks ITC, NTPC, Bharti, ONGC, HUL, L&T, Infosys which can give 10-20% return but u want to double(or 1/5) ur money.

We dont have to blame anybody except ourselves. it is we who took the risk.

Have a nice sleep.........
150. navfame  Oct 14, 2011 16:59
Systematix shares and stocks india limited

Worst broker i have ever seen...
gundu anna
149. gundu anna  Oct 14, 2011 16:57
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This is a good lesson for speculators. Dont apply for third class issues.

Discl: I have not applied for tijaria.
148. SkDash  Oct 14, 2011 16:51
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Karvy has set a new 'handling charges' of Rs 25 per segment, in case total of brokerage is less than 25. My intraday brokerage rate is 0.05%, so I have to do min 50,000 rs trade to cover the handling charges. Thats why i hv not traded.

I am planning to switch over to ventura, Anybody has exp in Ventura? Any good/ bad
jack kk
147. jack kk  Oct 14, 2011 16:13
I lost 44000rs.........first 2 hrs i have profit of Rs7000 reentern & lost.
PGEL......loss 180000
Amit Gupta
146. Amit Gupta  Oct 14, 2011 16:12
made a mere 500/- profit, but I am happy as I know a lot of people might have lost in K's and L's :-)

bought 415 @ 61.65, sold 415 @62.15
short sell 164 @ 44.35, bought back at 43.25

though I knew from very beginning that this one might crash in the last as there were heavy buyers at 40 levels...and operators didn't want to take delivery as it was an already overpriced issue and from tomorrow it might even go down further, so they played the opposite game, they started bringing the script down....that's when I said my math says it should come down more....when I don't know :-)
145. SkDash  Oct 14, 2011 16:06
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bought* 1,00,000 @ 60 Tgt and SL Open ended and lost 70% i.e. 60 lk x 70% = 42 lk

Hm, good

* Hypo
144. sh  Oct 14, 2011 16:03
Anyone who has made a profit in TIJARIA, Can you please tell:
-at what price you bought, what SL did you put after you bought.
-How did you move the SL later on.

I am just trying to learn, so please help me.
143. Jackpoat  Oct 14, 2011 16:00
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I wll miss a chance for exit with 20000 profit and finally exit cost-to-cost.
Third bad ipo for me after inventure,PGElec
142. sh  Oct 14, 2011 15:59
everyone was thinking it will go up, instead operator took it down.
saw it was going down, thought ok short it. operator takes it up. for the first half of the downfall direction changes every 10-20 min. these mind games (and losses) create fear of taking a position. now operator takes it all the way down. Of course one of the reasons it tanked real bad is because this IPO is way overpriced.

Can anyone give any tips on:
-how to handle these mind games.
-how to overcome fear of taking position.

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