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345. imran  Jan 20, 2010 17:12
Agar fir se niche milega to buy karunga
344. IMRAN  Jan 20, 2010 17:10
Hi friends i am book full profit @ 118 due to some forthcoming ipo more then 20 % gain for IPO subcription
but one can hold if they dont Req ... money it will move good up side in short turm Have a good investmeant bye
343. Manoj,Pune  Jan 12, 2010 17:46
JSW to add 300 MW soon

The JSW will shoot to a new high.When 20 MW news of RPOWER can take stock high to 3 - 5 %.Imagine impact on JSW.

Its really a good fundamental stock,unlike AdANi and India bulls.
Adani and India bulls need to purchase some
MW to start their operations.May be they can buy power from JSW and resale it to Gujrat and Rajasthan Govt from where they have received power purchase orders :))))
Ravi, Bangalore
342. Ravi, Bangalore  Jan 11, 2010 13:43
JSW Energy 117- Target 120-124 zone, 128-133 zone or even 138+. Support 111-110 range. Stop-loss 99.

CAUTION: Fundamentally over-valued.
341. IMRAN  Jan 10, 2010 11:42
Hi satheesh u can sell in any exchange BSE OR NSE COZ Stock listed in both Exchange
340. IMRAN  Jan 10, 2010 11:39
Hi friends still i am holding this stock in my Portfolio
50 % book profit & 50 % holding bcoz of more forthcoming IPO so i am Book profit @ 115.50 Rs /share near about 20 % is the good profit so 50 % book & still hold 50 % stock in portfolio friends it can move good in coming days So hold with 5150 nifty SL
339. IPO KADKA  Jan 9, 2010 10:21
JSW energy will hit new height week after week as all retailer are out of the game and kic will anage the issue along with new forthcoming PSU IPO . and the budget is coming and infra and power sector will lead the rally
338. rafeeq  Jan 6, 2010 17:11
regarding shares
337. satheesh  Jan 6, 2010 10:37
I was alloted 360 shares of JSW Energy.
I am not aware of information on which exchange should i sell these shares...
can some one let me know how can i find the exchange details for the shares i was alloted ...?
336. vj  Jan 5, 2010 19:04
SELL SELL SELL market is going strong thats why it is up and going otherwise you will get this stock in range of 80-90 easily... i will buy it when it reach to that level
335. Imran  Jan 5, 2010 16:36
Hi friends
Enjoy JSW ENERGY INVESTER still i am holding my position as i told u power sector is good for buying so some buying intrests come in power sector Dosto still holding my JSW ENERGY ALOtmeant
So friends aap ne kya kya jsw energy mein ??? what do u think about more up side friends i think 130 to 140 sayad within month ??? HOLD ? SELL ? OR BUY ???
334. IPO KING  Jan 5, 2010 11:55
315. MUKESH Jan 03, 2010 5:52:07 PM IST Report Spam
list around 250 and rally upto 400 on very first day

Dear mukesh what do you have to say now. :) :)
333. Imran  Jan 4, 2010 23:03
Hi friends JSW ENERGY Se aaj parda utath gaya 106 se 101 tak lekin mein abhi bhi hold karna cahunga muje nahi lagta k jab tak power sector mein buying ho raha hai tab es stock se exit karna cahye power sector abhi tak thanda hai abhi thodi thodi movement aarahi hai aur agar 6 mahine se eak saal tak hold kare to acha Retun mil sakta hai jab compney k project time par khatam ho es ki ummid hai aur agar sab thik raha to es finacial year mein capecity X2 hosakti hai tab eski veluation pata nahi lekin fir bhi jab tak market k sentimeant ache hai aur up move rahegi tab tak kam se kam ese hold karne mein he samajdari hogi mein koi technical analyst nahi ye sirf mera apna wive hai still i am holding my share 1440 as i alplayed in IPO sab & full alotmenat so why i cant hold for mid to long turm friends hold i think that for one year or more
332. D.K  Jan 4, 2010 18:12
Mr. Verma kaha supay ho, apnay bill say bahar niklo, jsw ke listing 300 pay kara rahay tgay fool man.
331. ALI BHOY SAKAR BAZAR WALA  Jan 4, 2010 16:45
Rs.103 - Rs.95 = Rs.8X 900 Shares =Rs.7,200 - Rs.1,600 = Rs.5,600 you have to pay to buyer

P.S. deduct brokrage at sold price
330. singh  Jan 4, 2010 16:37
Ravi, Bangalore
329. Ravi, Bangalore  Jan 4, 2010 14:30
If all goes as per plans, the 265% rise in its generation capacity over the next 15-18 months can power the company's earnings much faster than those of other power generation companies. In that case, Fair Value seen at Rs.91.

Considering margin of safety, investors can buy below Rs.70 (It may take 15 - 18 months to add generation capacity if all goes as per plan).


1. All the thermal power projects, both commissioned and under implementation (except the lignite linked Balmer power project), are based on imported coal. Given the fact that the merchant power tariff is driven by demand and supply, any surge in price of imported coal will affect the margin of merchant sales.

2. The BLMC, the JV mining company between the company and Rajasthan State Miner and Minerals, which is to supply lignite to the Balmer Power Project of the company, is yet to commence mining operation pending completion of land acquisition. Continued delay in land acquisition and mining to full capacity will affect the operation of this plant.

3. As JSW Steel is expanding its captive power generation capacity, its captive requirement of corex gas is set to increase and its availability for JSW Energy's SBU I will decline, forcing the company to rely on domestic or imported coal for which it is yet to tie-up.
Ravi, Bangalore
328. Ravi, Bangalore  Jan 4, 2010 11:56
Target 101.35-101.25 zone, 101.15. SELL on every rise.

For intra-day it is clearly weak.
Ravi, Bangalore
327. Ravi, Bangalore  Jan 4, 2010 11:37
309. Rohit Dave

Technical Outlook for 2010

For 2010, I expect the Sensex to oscillate in the range of 19000 on the higher side and 14800 on the lower side. Also, I do not expect the market to surpass the previous high of 21206 as it is likely to remain within a larger
consolidation pattern according to the eight year cycle and not part of the next Bull Run, which I would expect to resume in 2011.

The current bullish structure would be negated only if the Sensex breaks below 14,800 levels, post election results till October 2009 highs of 17,493. I consider 14800
to be the major trend decider for the markets, going forward. In the event of 14800 levels being broken, I do not expect the markets to breach the support of 12300, the levels prior to the results of General Election 2009.
Ravi, Bangalore
326. Ravi, Bangalore  Jan 4, 2010 11:29
JSW Energy 101.65- Resistance 101.8 - 101.85, Target 101.65-101.5 zone. Stop-loss 101.7 (Intra-day Call).

If stop-loss is crossed, rise to 102.15.

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