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4. MUDIT NATANI  Aug 31, 2016 21:15
As per ideas/news coming for this ipo it may be subscribe about 1.5 times in retail, if retail category will approximate 30 to 35% of issue size.
3. Nanak  Aug 31, 2016 21:09
Icici pru ipo will be benificiery for its parent co. icici bank so everyone must put their eyes on icici bank price movement 235 to 260 in last 10days it can touch more higher before ipo date
Hiren thakkar
2. Hiren thakkar  Aug 31, 2016 20:56
What a good period for ipo almost all ipo listing good gain but only concern with allotment. I applied all ipo in last two year but I get only three Ipo allotment can anybody give me guidance regards In which scripts out of them buy for long term horizon. And what to do icici prundential ipo.
1. HIMANSHU JI  Aug 31, 2016 20:45
Ipo date?
Ipo rate?
Ipo size?
Tentative date?
Vipul Modi
5.1. Vipul Modi  Aug 31, 2016 20:53
Ipo rate & lot?
Forum Modulator
5.2. Forum Modulator  Aug 31, 2016 20:55
Tentative Dates and Size:

Issue Open: 19 Sept 2016
Issue Open: 22 Sept 2016
Issue Size: Rs 5000 Cr

Thank you,

Chittorgarh.com Forum Moderator

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