Demat Account Types

Demat accounts re of two types- Normal and BSDA.

Types of Demat Accounts

Depending on the services offered, Demat accounts are of two types:

  1. Normal Demat Account
  2. Basic Services Demat Account(BSDA)

Note- The BSDA is designed for low volume investors to reduce their maintenance costs. There are no AMC charges on the account if the value of holding is less than Rs 50,000 in Equity or Rs 1 Lakh in debt funds. 

Let's compare BSDA and a normal demat account:

BSDA vs Regular Demat Account

Demat Account Types

Normal Demat Account

BSDA Demat Account

You get all the services available in a Demat account.

Basic services for free. Other services are chargeable.

No limit on the value of holdings in the account.

For Zero AMC, the holding limit is Rs 50,000 in stocks or Rs 1 lakhs in debt funds. AMC charges are applicable if the holding exceeds the mentioned limits.

One can hold multiple demat accounts with various stock brokers.

Only one BSDA demat account is allowed per trader.

Designed for traders of all types.

Designed for small investors.

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