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What portion of my holding can I tender to the company as part of the buyback?

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Shareholders holding Equity Shares as on the Record Date (Feb 23, 2022) would be eligible to participate in the buyback. Shareholders would either be categorized as a general category shareholder or a small shareholder based on the market value of shares held on the Record Date. The entitlement for each shareholder would then be fixed as per their holding on the Record Date. Shareholders can tender either part or entire holding as on the Record Date in the buyback. However, the acceptance would initially be the entire entitlement of the shareholder and any additional acceptance would be based on the overall additional shares tendered by all the Eligible Shareholders.


1. R   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|March 9, 2022 9:26:26 AMReply
I have 56 shares. Have received the mail that the entitlement is for 8 shares.
What does it mean? Will all the 8 shares be accepted in the buyback or it will still depend on the acceptance ratio? For instance if the acceptance ratio is 50%, only 4 shares will be buyed back?