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What is VTD in IIFL?

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Valid Till Date (VTD) is order type offered by IIFL for placing buy and sell limit orders in the Cash Equity segment. You need to specify the number of days for which the order placed should be valid. The period specified by you should be within the maximum validity date defined by IIFL.

Once you place an order using the VTD facility, it remains valid until the entire quantity gets executed or until the validity period whichever is earlier. In case, only a partial order gets executed on a trading day, IIFL places a fresh order on the next trading day for the remaining unexecuted quantity if the order has not reached the validity date.

For example: If you have placed a buy order to purchase 100 shares of ABC Ltd. on 23rd September 2020 with a validity period of 20 days, the order will remain valid till 13th October 2020 if the full quantity does not get executed within that period. If on 1st October, the order gets executed only for 25 shares, IIFL will again place a fresh order for 75 shares on the next trading day. However, if an order remains unexecuted till 13th October 2020, the order will get closed and marked as Expired.

Note: If the validity date falls on a holiday or a non-trading day, the order gets expired on the previous trading date.

The VTD (Valid Till Date) facility is available for all the existing and new clients of IIFL to place buy or sell orders in all the scrips enabled for Cash Equity trading.


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