What is the maximum amount to apply under the Retail and shareholder category for SBI Card IPO?

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The maximum bid amount when applying in both Retail and Shareholders Category is:

  1. Shareholders Category: Rs 200,000
  2. Retail Category: Any amount (Considered as RII or NII based on the amount)

An eligible SBI shareholder bidding in SBI shareholder reservation portion (subject to bid amount not exceeding Rs 2,00,000 under SBI shareholder reservation portion) may also bid under net offer i.e. either in Retail Individual Bidders Portion for upto Rs 200,000 OR in Non-Institutional Bidders Portion such that the Bid Amount exceeds Rs 200,000 but not exceeding the size of the Net Offer (excluding QIB portion), subject to applicable limits.

In SBI Shareholders bidding in the SBI Shareholders Reservation Portion above Rs 200,000 cannot Bid in the Net Offer as such Bids will be treated as multiple Bids.


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