What is the maximum amount to apply under the Retail and shareholder category for SBI Card IPO?


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The maximum bid amount when applying in both Retail and Shareholders Category is:

  1. Shareholders Category: ₹200,000
  2. Retail Category: Any amount (Considered as RII or NII based on the amount)

An eligible SBI shareholder bidding in SBI shareholder reservation portion (subject to bid amount not exceeding ₹2,00,000 under SBI shareholder reservation portion) may also bid under net offer i.e. either in Retail Individual Bidders Portion for upto ₹200,000 OR in Non-Institutional Bidders Portion such that the Bid Amount exceeds ₹200,000 but not exceeding the size of the Net Offer (excluding QIB portion), subject to applicable limits.

In SBI Shareholders bidding in the SBI Shareholders Reservation Portion above ₹200,000 cannot Bid in the Net Offer as such Bids will be treated as multiple Bids.


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