What are NRI Demat and trading account charges?

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NRI Demat and Trading account charges are as below:

  1. NRI Bank Account Charges
    1. NRI Bank account opening fee
    2. PIS permission charges
      1. PIS Issuance Charges
      2. PIS Account AMC
      3. Other PIS Charges (transaction charge for every buys and sells)
    3. NRI bank account AMC
  2. NRI Trading Account Charges
    1. Trading Account Opening Fee (One Time)
    2. Brokerage Charges
    3. Exchange Transaction Charges
    4. Taxes (STT, GST, SEBI Charges, Stamp Duty)
    5. Trading Platform Access Fees
    6. Call & Trade Fee
  3. NRI Demat Account Charges
    1. Demat Account Opening Fee (One Time)
    2. Demat Account AMC (Yearly)
    3. Debit Transaction Charges
    4. Other Charges i.e. Pledge Fees, Fee for updating personal info

For more detail visit NRI Trading Charges Explained.



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