Is Zerodha good for Mutual Funds?

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Zerodha is indeed the best broker in India for Mutual Fund investment. Following are the reasons:

  • Coin, the Mutual Fund investment platform offers is the best app/website.
  • Zerodha offers Direct Mutual Fund which results in an extra saving of over 2% per year. In the case of Direct Mutual Funds, the Asset Management Companies (AMC) doesn't pay any commission to the broker. The benefits are passed on to the customer.
  • Mutual Fund investment with Zerodha is free . No brokerage, no upfront or trail commission from fund managers, no software uses charges and no other hidden fees.
  • Free money transfer to Zerodha using UPI.
  • Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) is available to all customers. Invest lump sum or use SIP.


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