Is Groww free?

Zerodha (Trade with the best stock broker)

Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.

Groww is free for mutual fund investments with no transaction charges, no redemption charges, or any other hidden charges.

Groww also offers free account opening with zero maintenance charges. However, investing in stocks through Groww is not free. Groww charges a lower of Rs.20 or 0.05% of trade value towards brokerage for equity trades. An investor is also required to pay Demat charges and other regulatory charges like STT, stamp duty, exchange transaction charges, etc over and above the brokerage.


1. Mustafs   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | May 25, 2021 10:32:03 AM Reply
Invested 3018 in Hindustan steel but when sold the share just received 2400 in the account inspite of shares being at 3018