How much does Groww charge for trading?

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Groww is an online discount broker offering low-cost services to its customers. Groww follows a simple pricing model based on the flat fee model. The minimum brokerage charged by Groww is 0.05% of trade value and the maximum brokerage charged is Rs 20.

An investor has to pay other regulatory and transaction charges like STT, exchange transaction charges, GST, Stamp Duty over and above the brokerage.

Groww Brokerage Charges

Segment Brokerage Fee

Monthly Fee (Fixed)


Equity Delivery

Lower of Rs 20 or 0.05% of trade value

Equity Intraday

Lower of Rs 20 or 0.05% of trade value


1. Wazid Hasan  Jun 4, 2021 17:50 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
If i placed an order to buy with limit and the order donot execute or i cancelled,
Then also i have to pay the charges?