How to use CDSL TPIN?

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The CDSL TPIN is used as an authorization code that allows brokers to debit shares from their clients' accounts.

The CDSL TPIN is used either at the time of initiating the sell order or can be used in advance to pre-authorize the sale of all your stocks at the beginning of each trading day so that you don't have to do it each time you place a delivery sell order during the day.

Steps to use the CDSL TPIN:

  • Login to your broker account.
  • Go to the holdings section.
  • Authorize the stocks you wish to sell. You need to specify the quantity you desire to sell.
  • Once you authorize the stocks, you get directed to the CDSL portal.
  • Enter your CDSL TPIN in the CDSL portal and verify.
  • To complete the authorization, select the desired stocks with their respective quantity and enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and email id.

Note: CDSL TPIN can be used only if your broker has implemented the CDSL TPIN feature in their trading platform.


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