How to Read a Contract Note?

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A Contact Note contains the detail of trades performed by the customer on the given day. The details include a list of trades done, order details, brokerage, taxes and customer obligation.

Reading a Contract Note



Order Number

The stock exchange order number

Order Time

Timestamp of when the order was placed

Trade Number

The trade number on the stock exchange

Trade Time

Timestamp of when the order was executed

Security/Contract description

The scrip for which the order was placed

Exchange -Buy/Sell

The exchange on which the trade was executed, and the transaction type


The quantity that was traded against each order number

Gross Rate/ Trade Price per unit

The price at which the order was executed


The brokerage charged against the trade

Net Rate per unit

The gross rate minus the brokerage charge

Closing rate per unit

The price at which the contract closed for the day in the derivates market

Net total before levies

The total amount due to the client or from the client before brokerage and taxes.

Pay-in and Pay-out obligation

A negative figure indicates a Pay-in obligation. A positive figure indicates a Pay-out obligation

The total amount of brokerage, applicable charges, taxes (GST, SEBI Turnover Fee, Stamp Duty, and Exchange Transaction Tax), and the net amount receivable or payable by the client, are mentioned in a table at the end of the contract note.


1. Raghunandan   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Dec 8, 2021 1:01:12 PM Reply
In case of contract note Qnty. It stand for total unit I mean if it is nifty option than 2 lots= 150 Qnty and in case of currency option 2 lots =2000 Qnty.
So on short Qnty= no’s of lots or no’s. Of units?