How to open Upstox account?

Upstox Account Opening

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You can open the Upstox account online as well as offline.

  1. Upstox Online Account Opening

    To open an account online, you need your Aadhaar Card and your current phone number must be registered to your Aadhar card. Here are steps to open Upstox account online:

    1. Request a callback from Upstox or visit
    2. Enter your Email Address and Mobile Number
    3. Enter OTP received on your phone
    4. Enter personal and bank details
    5. Upload Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Income Proof (for derivatives trading), Signature (on a blank paper) and photograph.
    6. Review, confirm and submit the application.
  2. Upstox Offline Account Opening

    In case you don't have an Aadhar Card linked to your phone number, you can open a Upstox account by filling a paper form.


    1. Visit
    2. In the top menu, go to 'Support' >> 'Download Forms'
    3. Click 'Demat & Trading Account'
    4. Print, fill and sign the form.
    5. Attach all the required documents to the form
    6. Call upstox support to arrange for free drop and pickup of paper form


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