How to find zero paisa demat account?

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Finding a zero brokerage trading plan may look tough but it may not. With some online research and comparison, you would be able to find the best zero brokerage trading account:

Tips to find the best zero paisa demat accounts in India-

  • Create a list of brokers who offer zero brokerage plans

    Please note that only a few stock brokers offer zero brokerage or unlimited trading plans. We have provided a list of brokers offering different types of brokerage free trading plans.

  • Compare and Select

    Compare brokers from your list on brokerage. Brokers also run promotional campaigns when some offer zero brokerage trading plans. Check if any of the brokers are currently offering a zero paisa trading plan.

  • Read the pricing details

    Often ignored but it is important to read the pricing details and check if the zero brokerage trading plan is zero brokerage. Please note that there will be taxes levied by the Government in the form of GST, charges by central depositories and some transaction costs by stock exchanges. These charges need to be paid in such plans.


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