How to deactivate Upstox account?

Upstox Account Opening

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Your Upstox account gets deactivated or dormant if there's no trading activity for 6 months. However, your account will attract all applicable charges i.e. Demat AMC.

Unless you are holding stocks for the long team in your demat account or have a plan to trade in the near future, you should consider deactivating or closing the upstox account. This saves you money in terms of fixed costs like Demat AMC. It also saves you from misuse of your account by the broker or a hacker.

Steps to deactivate upstox account:

  1. Visit
  2. Support >> Download Forms
  3. Scroll to 'Account Modification Forms' section
  4. Download the 'Demat Account Closure' form
  5. Print, fill and sign it.
  6. Courier the signed paper form to the Upstox office.


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How can I / correct/modify in my application form for demat account,
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No stock market