How to close Kotak Demat and trading account?

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Kotak Demat and trading account closure is an offline process and cannot be closed online.

Steps to close Kotak Securities Demat & trading account:

  1. Download the Demat & trading account closure form
  2. Fill in account holder details.
  3. Mention the reason for the closure.
  4. Enter the Trading account and DP account details.
  5. Provide the contact number.
  6. Get it signed by all the account holders.
  7. Courier the form to the address on the form.

Points to note:

  • In case you want to transfer securities from your existing account to some other account, you will have to fill the DIS (delivery instruction slip) along with the documents to the branch office.
  • Please make sure that there is no negative balance in your account before requesting account closure.
  • If you have any Mutual Funds in your account, either redeem or convert them offline.


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