How to close Dhani Stocks Demat account?

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Dhani Stocks Demat account can be closed by submitting a physical account closure form to initiate the account closure process. Opening a Demat account is a quick and easy process but closing a Demat account is a little difficult task in comparison to opening an account. Although it is always advisable to close your account if you are not using it since keeping an unused account will attract AMC.

Before initiating the process of Demat account closure, the stockholder has to:

  1. Clear all the debit or credit balance
  2. Transfer all the securities to another Demat account
  3. Return any unused delivery instruction booklet slips

Steps to close the Dhani Stocks account

  1. Download the account closure form from the company website/nearest branch/customer care.
  2. Fill in the name, DP details, the reason for the closure.
  3. Attach the supporting documents and duly sign it.
  4. Submit/Courier the duly filled and sign form to the broker office.

If everything goes well, it takes 15 days to close the account. Please note that there are no account closing charges.


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