How to cancel IPO bid?

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An IPO bid can be cancelled online via the bank or broker through whom the IPO is applied.

Steps to cancel IPO bid:

  • Login to the bank or bank website or app.
  • Look for the IPO section,
  • Select the IPO for cancellation.
  • Place the cancellation request.

You can also approach the bank or broker and place a written request by quoting your IPO application number if you face any issues to cancel online.

Points to Note:

  • Only retail investors can cancel the bid.
  • NII and QII cannot withdraw or cancel their bids.
  • The cancellation process may vary slightly from bank to bank and broker to broker. Check with your bank/broker for the timings.
  • The cancellation placement time on the last day may also be different for each bank and broker. Check with your bank/broker for the timings.


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