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How to get Confirmed IPO Allotment?


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There is no guaranteed process to get a confirm IPO allotment. In case of oversubscription, the allotment is done using a lottery. Similar to any other lottery your changes reduce with a higher number of participants.

But, there are ways through which you can increase the chances of getting the allotment:

  1. Fill the form correctly to avoid rejection of IPO application
  2. Do not apply multiple applications in an IPO using the same PAN number.
  3. Use family members demat account.
  4. Always opt for the cut-off price while applying IPO.

Let's discuss some of these points in detail:

  1. Fill the form correctly

    A lot of IPO applications get rejected due to incomplete or mismatch information provided. So fill the IPO application form carefully and ensure that important details like PAN & Demat Number etc., are filled correctly.

  2. Using friends or family members demat account

    In addition to your account increases the change of allotment significantly in case of oversubscribed IPO. If an IPO oversubscribed 4 times, your chances of getting the allotment are 25%. If you apply in the IPO using 4 family members name, there is a high chance that you will get an allotment in one of the application.

  3. Opt for the cut-off price

    In case of book building IPOs where you also need to bid for the price, either bid for upper band limit or opt for cut-off price so that your application doesn't get rejected due to lower bid price than the issue price.



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