Bansal Finstock Complaints

Bansal Finstock Pvt Ltd (Bansal Finstock), a part of Bansal Group was incorporated in 2009 and operates in equity cash market, equity derivatives, currency futures and debt market segments. Other services offered by the company includes demat services, internet trading, NRI services and Distribution of Financial Products amongst others. Bansal Finstock has membership in equity cash and derivative segments of both NSE and BSE. It also acts as a DP with CDSL. The company facilitates commodity trad... Know more about Bansal Finstock

Complaint against Bansal Finstock Broker

Bansal Finstock brokerage complaints report provide detail about the number of complaints received by the stock exchanges from the Bansal Finstock customers. The Bansal Finstock complaints report analyzes the Bansal Finstock online complaint data provided by BSE and NSE. This report shows the health of the broker.

These complaints are serious grievances against Bansal Finstock broker which the broker and customer failed to resolve. The customer then filed these legal complaints with the stock exchange.

The Bansal Finstock complaint no. report also provides Bansal Finstock’s number of active clients. This shows the growth of the broker year on year.

Bansal Finstock Complaints

Exchange Financial Year Total Complaints Active Clients
NSE 2019-20 3 10,000
BSE 2018-19 1 1,431
NSE 2018-19 8 12,325
BSE 2017-18 1 3,908
NSE 2017-18 26 13,257
BSE 2016-17 3 1,648
NSE 2016-17 13 8,291
BSE 2015-16 6 1,354
NSE 2015-16 26 5,065
BSE 2014-15 1 8,272
NSE 2014-15 10 3,376
BSE 2013-14 3 6,959
NSE 2013-14 6 2,486
BSE 2012-13 2 5,067
NSE 2012-13 11 5,059
BSE 2011-12 9 2,404
NSE 2011-12 10 3,782

Bansal Finstock complaint at NSE

Active Clients100001232513257
Resolved through the exchange3726
Non actionable000
Advised / Opted for arbitration000
Pending for redressal with exchange010
No. of arbitration filed by clients23
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients22
Decided by the arbitrators20
Pending for redressal with arbitrators01

Bansal Finstock complaint at BSE

Active Clients143139081648
Resolved through the exchange113
Non actionable000
Advised / Opted for arbitration000
Pending for redressal with exchange000
No. of arbitration filed by clients000
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients000
Decided by the arbitrators000
Pending for redressal with arbitrators000


  • * Including against its sub brokers, authorised persons, employees, etc.
  • ** Non actionable means the complaint that are incomplete / outside the scope of the Stock Exchange
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10. MAnu  Aug 13, 2020 1:46:24 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Cheater company, their staff attracting customer to open demat account ( Kandivali branch) with them, then without giving proper information to client they trade on their behalf. One of the old age person( 72 years) from middle class , who trusted on him and opened account with them, they have cheated and incurred loss of 5 lacs rupees on equity trading . Later on next day they trade themselve and sold all deemat shares which was held with that company to pay loss amount. Not bother to inform client also.. .. They are playing with client without bothering anything.. If that person got any health problem related to that news , then who will be responsible for it.. His entire lifetime income they have wiped off..You don't have any humanity. Requesting people to don't trust on this company.... Plz shut down this company for humanity.. please give justice for same.
9. kirtida t ved  May 20, 2017 9:12:54 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Not good experience with Bansal Finstock P Ltd, operating from Kandivali W. I have been cheated by them. I need support from those deceived and whether we can find redressal to our issues. Please contact for solution.
8. Advocate K D Dwivedi  Nov 1, 2019 2:04:19 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
मैं सर्विस सेंटर वालों का नंबर चाहिए प्लीज मुझे सर्विस सेंटर वाला नंबर दीजिए बंसल का
7. mahendra bogati  Aug 23, 2018 1:29:58 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
same thing happen with me ..come together
6. mahendra bogati  Aug 23, 2018 1:29:15 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
same thing happen with me ..come together
5. mahendra bogati  Aug 23, 2018 1:28:34 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
same thing happen with me ..come together
4. saber  Nov 18, 2016 4:07:10 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
same thing repeated with me
4.1. Mp parmar  Sep 23, 2017 11:22:04 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
Bansal fin stock p ltd 2011to 2017 92 complain nse bse the customer no trust this Co and do not open account this Co and branch operator cheating to the customer and no provide document by the Co altre bansal fin stock no working this Co and more maseges in Web sight
3. george varkey scaria  Sep 26, 2016 1:10:30 AM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply

I am sorry to believe Bnsal online is a biggest cheaters ever in India. One of there person named Mr.Nikhil Vora visited and asked me to invest share market. He introduced as RM (Relationship Manager ) of the company. He insisted to invest and assured 18% of return and 100% safety of capital. He open a De- mate account and trading account without charges. Mr.yogesh Waghela also visited me and introduce as Team Leader.They force me to start with Rs 50000/- and I paid the amount by cheque on 31st May 2016.Mr. Nikhil Vora advised me to deposit more money and I paid Rs.50000/-by cheque on August 3rd .August 27th I received a call and said “You have no share holding cash is only Rs.1746/-.” So far I received Rs 4000/-on 4th Jul. Rs.3000/- on 3rd August.
I called Mr.Nikhil and Mr. Yogesh asked my fund status, but they refused to replay and asked me to see the ledger statement.
I am a 63 year old person have not done any trading my own. Mr. Nikhil tells me to repeat his calls and he makes terminal to calls me. When the call comes I repeat what he said. In fact I do not know what is call and put.All the direction was giving by Nikhil.
My trading account number MH011113, Contact Number 9892449622,E-mail
I anticipate the well-wishers to come forward and get together to fight against those type criminals .
With anticipation George V Scaria
3.1. Anant Naik  Nov 25, 2016 5:38:05 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
Dear Mr Varkey Scaria,

even I have a similar experience, can we all come together and do something?
please call me if it suits you? I will try and check if we can find more people.

3.2. Adesh Sapre  Jul 15, 2017 2:28:37 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
Same thing has happened with me
We all should come together
My details
mobile - 9324678324


Adesh Sapre
2. kirtida t ved  Jul 8, 2017 9:45:18 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Please provide contact details and email ID and address of Saber and Anant Naik who are aggrieved clients of Bansal Finstock P Ltd and who have posted grievance on site
1. Mp parmar  Jun 29, 2017 11:57:15 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Bansal fin stock fraud company in gujrat my complain running in vadodra court my mo no 9825088600 please support and colect more person in all over gujrat