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G G Engineering Limited Rights Issue (G G Engineering Rights Issue) Detail

August 22, 2022 - September 7, 2022
G G Engineering Limited Logo

GG Engineering Limited supplies industrial engines for various applications, marine engines, sheet metals for air conditioning components, custom-built generator sets for both stationary and mobile applications and spare parts for diesel genset to the local and International markets. The company was established to cater to the rising demand for quality sheet metal and heavy steel products.

Inspired by the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, GG Engineering has launched India's first fully-automated and smart Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) to enable environment-friendly disposal of plastic and other wastes.

G G Engineering Rights Issue Detail

Issue Open August 22, 2022 - September 7, 2022
Security Name G G Engineering Limited
Issue Size (Shares) 277,578,135
Issue Size (Amount) ₹49.96 Crores
Issue Price ₹1.8 per share
Face Value ₹1 per share
Listing At BSE
Terms of Payment The full amount of Rs 1.80 per share has to be paid at the time of Application.
Entitlement 35 Equity Shares for every 13 Equity Shares held on the Record Date

G G Engineering Rights Issue Issue Timetable

Record Date August 10, 2022
Credit of Rights Entitlements August 16, 2022
Bid/Offer Opens On August 22, 2022
Renunciation of Rights Entitlements September 1, 2022
Bid/Offer Closes On September 7, 2022
Deemed Date of Allotment September 13, 2022
Credit Date September 15, 2022
Listing Date September 19, 2022

Company Financials

G G Engineering Limited Financial Information (Restated)
Period EndedTotal RevenueProfit After TaxNet WorthReserves and Surplus
Amount in ₹ Crore

Objects of the Issue:

The objects of the Issue are:

1. To meet out the working capital requirements.

2. General Corporate Purposes.

3. To meet out Issue Expense,

G G Engineering Rights Issue Documents

G G Engineering Rights Issue Rating

Rating:Rated 4.0 stars
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G G Engineering Rights Issue Reviews

Company Contact Information

G G Engineering Limited
Office No.: 203, 2nd floor,
Shivam Chambers Premises CS Ltd, Near Sahara India
CTS No. 39, S.V. Road, Goregaonm Mumbai -400104

Phone: +917669359191

G G Engineering Rights Issue Registrar

  1. Kfin Technologies Limited
    Phone: 04067162222, 04079611000

G G Engineering Rights Issue Lead Manager(s)

G G Engineering Rights Issue FAQs

The G G Engineering Rights Issue opens on August 22, 2022, and closes on September 7, 2022.

G G Engineering Rights Issue Schedule

Last Date for credit of Rights EntitlementsAugust 16, 2022
Last Date for renunciation of Rights EntitlementsSeptember 1, 2022
Issue Opening DateAugust 22, 2022
Issue Closing DateSeptember 7, 2022
Date of Allotment (on or about)September 13, 2022
Date of Credit (on or about)September 15, 2022
Date of Listing (on or about)September 19, 2022

G G Engineering Rights Issue price is set at ₹1.8 per share per equity share.

The eligible shareholders are being offered 35 Equity Shares for every 13 Equity Shares held on the Record Date (August 10, 2022).

The record date for the G G Engineering Rights Issue is August 10, 2022.

The issue size of G G Engineering Rights Issue is of 277,578,135 equity shares at ₹1.8 per share aggregating upto ₹49.96 Crores.

The Letter of Offer for G G Engineering Rights Issue can be download here.

You can apply for G G Engineering Rights Issue in two ways:

  1. Net Banking (ASBA)
  2. Registrar's Website (R-WAP Facility)

Steps to apply for G G Engineering Rights Issue using Net Banking (ASBA)

  1. Log in to the net banking account of your bank.
  2. Go to the 'IPO & Rights Issue' section.
  3. Check if the G G Engineering Rights Issue available on the list.
  4. Click the Apply button next to the G G Engineering Rights Issue.
  5. Fill and check your information.
  6. Submit the application.

Note: Your bank may not offer this facility to certain rights issues. In that case, you may have to choose the option below.

Steps to apply for G G Engineering Rights Issue using Registrar's website (R-WAP)

  1. Visit registrar's website
  2. Go to the 'Rights Issue' section
  3. Select G G Engineering Rights Issue from the dropdown.
  4. Enter Demat Account Number.
  5. Fill the online application form.
  6. Validate and submit the application.


23. Drsiraj Vadhvaniya     Link|September 16, 2022 11:46:03 PM
Credited in my acc but can’t see in protfolio
22. Swati     Link|September 16, 2022 10:04:36 PM
Yesterday Right issue shares were credited in my account and then deibted in next minute automatically .
21. Abizar     Link|September 16, 2022 10:38:56 AM
I have been alloted, why still not credited in my account?
20. MS ASSOCIATE     Link|September 15, 2022 5:19:30 PM
Date Of Listing :19 Sep 2022
19. Sagar     Link|September 14, 2022 2:13:49 PM
Dear All, I have applied for the right issues few days ago, for all the shares I was eligible, today all the amount is being debited , That does mean that I have been alloted all the right shares ? I have checked my demat balance but those quantities are not showing up, is there any similar experience and idea ?
19.1. kamal     Link|September 14, 2022 6:35:59 PM
yes , you have been allotted same no. if shares you had applied in rights and shares will be credited tonight or tomorrow. happy listing

19.2. Sagar Patel     Link|September 15, 2022 3:13:10 PM
Thank you, Yes I have received email that allotment has been done with full
18. kamal     Link|September 13, 2022 12:33:22 PM
allotment date today., any infm
17. LG     Link|September 8, 2022 7:38:29 PM
Just now my ICICI Bank account amount is debited against asba blocked before 3days, does it mean shares are allotted? I have received message from ICICI regarding debit.
17.1. LG     Link|September 8, 2022 7:44:46 PM
Sorry please ignore this. I got confused as ICICI has send blocked amount message of 5/9 just now.
16. LG     Link|September 8, 2022 7:43:00 PM
Sorry amount is blocked but not debited. Message of 5/9 received just now from ICICI. Sorry for confusion.
15. Abhilash     Link|September 2, 2022 9:15:11 AM
Where is my cg engineering re share i m purchase so many stocks what can i do
14. Kishan     Link|September 1, 2022 11:12:56 PM
Can i transfer my right entitlement from 02.09.2022 in off market to my relatives.
13. anil     Link|August 26, 2022 6:39:52 PM
i downloaded application form But

Application Number Note Given by KFin Technologies Limited Or BSE
Bankers Asking
13.1. MS ASSOCIATE     Link|August 28, 2022 3:29:45 PM
place of Application number, Investors can mention the reference number as provided in the e-mail received from Registrar informing about their Rights Entitlement or the reference number of Rights Entitlement Letter or last eight digits of their demat account.
12. Ramu     Link|August 25, 2022 8:16:48 AM
Is it good to buy GGENG RE shares.. Please suggest on this.
11. prasad     Link|August 24, 2022 11:00:52 AM
I have 4628 QTY still not received any notification for rights buying price around 12rs .
how can i apply for right.
10. hari     Link|August 22, 2022 10:20:27 AM
I had bought 3500 shares of GG Engineering few months back. today i saw that my holdings is showing two categories, 3500 shares as GGENG. and below that it is written GGENG-RE 9423 shares. I had not applied for rights issue. Then why my acount is showing Balance of this shares ?
9. Karamveer     Link|August 22, 2022 8:37:28 AM
Gge right will list today
8. kiran sangale     Link|August 19, 2022 1:37:52 PM
i have 350 GG engineering shares... i got a message that 942 shares are allotted in account on 16 aug 2022... but i cant see the 942 shares in my account .

what to do to get the 942 shares in my account ? whether i have to apply seperately ?
8.1. Sagar     Link|August 21, 2022 3:02:57 PM
You should see the right entitlement in your Demat balance , not in your portfolio
7. Ram singh     Link|August 18, 2022 12:41:37 AM
I got the msg from ggeng for RE. But how to buy them through zerodha or online. Where I can purchase them. I have no clue about it. advise plz
6. BPGUPTA     Link|August 16, 2022 10:48:30 PM
I have 1600 shares , today I got message that 4307 quantity credited.What does it means?
Can I still eligible for right issue application.
Or it is done automatically.
5. Manohara     Link|August 15, 2022 10:54:35 PM
For 8500 share how much can I apply
5.1. Vinod     Link|August 16, 2022 10:53:24 AM
(8500/13)*35 = 22,884
4. Yogesh     Link|August 16, 2022 9:59:37 AM
How to sell Right Entitlement on Zerodha? Pls advice the symbol to use

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