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U. H. Zaveri Limited IPO (U H Zaveri IPO) Detail

May 8, 2018 - May 14, 2018

Incorporated in 2017, Gujarat based U. H. Zaveri Private Limited is a gem & jewelry company. The business operations are divided into two divisions. One division is into wholesale and retail of jewelry and the second division is into trading of jewelry. The company mainly sells gold jewelry and marginal percentage of its revenue is earned through silver jewelry and other kinds of jewelry and utensils.

U. H. Zaveri does not manufacture its own jewelry and hence, the making is outsourced. However, the jewelry is either designed in-house or through 3-D jewelry designer or by third-party designers or they purchase ready to sell jewelry directly from manufacturers. The company has a showroom in Nikol Road, Ahmedabad. It has 6 employees on its payroll.

Company Promoters:

The Promoters of the Company are Mr. Hitesh M. Shah, Mrs. Sunitaben H. Shah, and Mr. Mahendrakumar H. Shah.

Company Financials:

Summary of financial Information (Restated)
Particulars For the year/period ended (in Rs. Millions)
Total Assets 892.14
Total Revenue 1,389.35
Profit After Tax 74.68

Objects of the Issue:

The Objects of the Issue are-

1. To meet the working capital requirement, and
2. To meet the expenses of the Issue

U H Zaveri IPO Details
Issue OpenMay 8, 2018 - May 14, 2018
Issue TypeFixed Price Issue IPO
Issue Size2,220,000 Eq Shares of Rs 10
(aggregating up to Rs 7.99 Cr)
Face ValueRs 10 Per Equity Share
Issue PriceRs 36 Per Equity Share
Market Lot3000 Shares
Min Order Quantity3000 Shares
Listing AtBSE SME

U H Zaveri IPO Subscription Status (Live)

U H Zaveri IPO how much subscribed?

No. of Times Issue Subscribed (BSE + NSE)

As on Date & Time




Shares Offered




May 14, 2018 17:00




U H Zaveri IPO Prospectus

U H Zaveri IPO Rating

Rating:Rated 2.7 stars

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U H Zaveri IPO Listing Date

  •   ›  Listing Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018
  •   ›  BSE Script Code: 541338
  •   ›  NSE Symbol:
  •   ›  Listing In: MT
  •   ›  ISIN: INE556Z01010
  •   ›  Issue Price: Rs 36 Per Equity Share
  •   ›  Face Value: Rs 10 Per Equity Share

Listing Day Trading Information

Issue Price:
Last Trade:
Rs 36.00
Rs 27.00
Rs 25.65
Rs 27.00
Rs 25.65

U H Zaveri IPO Reviews / Ratings

Company Contact Information

U. H. Zaveri Limited
GF/2, Manish Complex
Indrajit Tenaments, Opp. Diamond Mill
Nikol Road, Ahmedabad - 382350
Phone: +91 79 22703991/92

U H Zaveri IPO Registrar

Karvy Computershare Private Limited   »  Report
   Karvy House, 46, Avenue 4, Street No. 1,
   Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500 034
   Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone: +91-40-23312454
Fax: +91-40-23311968

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U H Zaveri IPO Review / Comments

25. S P Saxena  Jun 21, 2018 14:51 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Hello Sir
Is there any news about U H Kaveri?
Shall I sell the stocks or hold them?
Anyone please advise.
24. anishkumarAN  May 28, 2018 21:28 I Like It. | Report Abuse
BSE be aware that Mr. Kamalkumar Kothari, promoter of the Guiness corporate advisors Pvt Ltd (Merchant Banker) is playing negative role in all the issues. You can check out the same from the experience with Pantomath, Hem Securities and First Overseas Capital Limited. This time the company U.H. Zaveri Limited was made victim of his poor act.
23. anujsme  May 23, 2018 01:41 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
complaint to SEBI

I will like to bring to your notice that nowdays any company is coming with an issue with no strict monitoring agency to collect money from investor

UH zaveri has come with issue which is down 28 pc on single day on its first day of listing

1)Market maker did not make any trade despite too many sellers in this stock

If such companies are coming with ipo without any strict regulation they are just to take away public money and no one has carried any checks or protection of investor wealth been made

3)First overseas did not act as market maker so what is the purpose of market maker

also a visit needs to be made at their premise to check if this company exist or is it a shell company

5) what steps sebi has undertaken for such company coming with ipo with no background history and has SEBI made anything mandatory provision or strict regulation against such company which have just started and came with SME

Please check if company have any illegal proceeding and if yes please, ask them to refund public money

23.1. anishkumarAN  May 28, 2018 18:01 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
Dear Sir,

First of all i would like to bring to your kind attention that whatever happened as on the date of listing i.e. 22nd May, 2018 was not at all expected from all the investors.

But on the basis of unauthrozed sources from market, i came to know that the act played on listing day was not in the control of Promoters and investors. Such act was done by group of investors, Competitor Merchant bankers with a malafide intention to destroy the image of the Company, Promoters and Merchant Banker.

Further, Mr. Kamalkumar Kothari, promoter of the Guiness corporate advisors Pvt Ltd (Merchant Banker) has played vital role to distroy the screen of U.H Zaveri Limited.

The Promoters of the company are strongly stands with the investors who have invested their hard earned money in the Initial Public Offer.

Group of rich people have played with the hard earned money of investors.
22. S P Saxena  May 24, 2018 16:07 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Could you please advise me whether to hold the U H Zaveri shares or sell them and get out of the mess
22.2. angel Investor  May 26, 2018 15:51 I Like It. | Report Abuse
from yesterdays performance, i think one should not sell now, if you still have it, hold it.
it will at least recover the loss in short time
22.3. sundervan  May 28, 2018 17:36 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Dear Sir,

I would suggest to hold the share. Rather i suggest to invest invest more in the script at price of Rs. 24/-. Today, there was upper circuit in the script. As per the unauthrozed sources, i came to know that the price will go up.
21. sundervan  May 28, 2018 17:27 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Looking at the fundamentals of the company U.H Zaveri Limited, we have come out with following conclusion.

1.      The Promoter of U. H. Zaveri Limited is in the business of Gold and Silver Ornaments since last 20 years through their Proprietary Firm "M/s. Zaveri" owned by Mr. Hitesh M. Shah. The company has maintained its Brand image and reputation by delivering prompt services to their client since last 20 years in the local market.

2.      The registered office of the company situated at "GF/2, Manish Complex, Indrajit Tenaments, Opp-Diamond Mill, Nikol Road Ahmedabad-382350, Gujarat" is also being owned by the Promoter.

3.      Even in the short span of time from its Incorporation the company has managed to generate the Profit of Rs. 74.68 Lacs as on 31st January, 2018. So, we can presume that the company is very strong by fundamentals.

So, As per my view, its a good buy at the market of jewelley will be booming sector in near future. Buy at price of Rs. 24/- . I expect good return.
20. Dharmil.Shah  May 25, 2018 20:09 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Today, the company has shown positive result and i also think that there will be upward trend onwards. I think it will be 2nd Multibager like Gautam Gems Limited.
20.1. Jaykishan  May 26, 2018 16:15 I Like It. | Report Abuse
yes there is an increased in volume..lagata ta to h upar jayega ab
19. anujsme  May 23, 2018 00:53 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
gali gali mein shor hai UH zaveri aur first overseas capital chor hai
19.1. Jaykishan  May 26, 2018 16:01 I Like It. | Report Abuse
ha ha..
but the same LM had done Gautam Gems which has given more than 2 time return

may be the same will be happen in UH, i think you should hold it tightly if you have it
18. DownriteVJ  May 25, 2018 10:23 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (1000+ Posts, 700+ Likes)
Several complaints has been filed for this company. Also a article for the same was published in newspaper.
18.2. IPOANALYSIS  May 25, 2018 10:49 I Like It. | Report Abuse
can you share the article.
is this for the stock price or something else?
if this was something that has not been declared in prospectus then sebi can ask them to refund money.
i remember pentagold got cancelled when they did not disclose some information
if this is true why this was not done for this company
i have hardly seen any sme fallen down 30 pc on 1 day
18.3. angel Investor  May 26, 2018 15:42 I Like It. | Report Abuse
read today's navgujarat samay news paper they have published an article regarding increased volume with an upper circuit, i think it will be soon show upward trend from now
17. Huzefa  May 23, 2018 09:02 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (300+ Posts, 200+ Likes)
@Umang, What to do with Cadsys? Miss a good opportunity to cash in where it was above 110. Now it has gone below the issue price. Whats your view for short & long term?
17.1. Umang and his ultrasonic uproar  May 24, 2018 10:04 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts, 500+ Likes)
It is trading at 80 against issue price 70. It is not trading in discount. I have existed at 90 in 2 app, one at 114.5. Still holding one application. I don't expect any substantial move in near future,after dismal results. Really disappointed with full year figures.
You have to wait for long time(till next half year results) for any meaningful upmove, so it's better to switch to any other large or mid cap stock.
16. anujsme  May 23, 2018 00:47 I Like It. | Report Abuse
MODI ke sheher Gujarat se itne bade chor hai .
people say not apply Delhi company

what will they call frauds like this one from Gujarat
15. Sinewave  May 22, 2018 23:08 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (500+ Posts, 300+ Likes)

Worst listing in SME history.
Thanks GOD, Not applied finally.

SME gone big risky now.
///////////be careful.
14. IPOANALYSIS  May 22, 2018 10:10 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Thank God did not apply. I think there must be some news. I was planning to buy in opening but seeing at price avoid it. Any news about this company. It is now lesson to retailers to stay away from primary market sme. Between there must be something as never seen any sme fallen down 25 pc. This alloted register complaint with sebi and LM
14.6. IPOANALYSIS  May 22, 2018 12:51 I Like It. | Report Abuse
I was positive as mention that there were wrong premium quoted in grey market. Anyway I think market condition are not good for primary market.check milestone too down and most of high subscription IPO as well. Best is to not go for any new primary market sme issue. You did not mention umang about five core electronics which I was positively be and give decent returns in listing which u said is not good and I made a mistake of applying
14.7. Umang and his ultrasonic uproar  May 22, 2018 13:25 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts, 500+ Likes)
Ha ha.... I think u were fortunate that u get out in time in five core.... It is now available at issue price.....I always appreciate your views...... But don't post messages frequently, it sometimes losses your charm..... And don't reply to absurd one time visitors of this forum who wants to disgrace you.
13. MAMU  May 22, 2018 13:02 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Stop fighting... in love wer subscription very less are behave like RKEC and BRAND CONCEPT.
as i mentioned above its all about to manage one's profit/loss balance sheet.
12. MAMU  May 22, 2018 10:20 I Like It. | Report Abuse
I think 5-10% people only who had applied without subject 2 rates.
Rest all are setting for profit / loss balance sheet.
11. IPOANALYSIS  May 22, 2018 10:14 I Like It. | Report Abuse
I have heard that there were some complaints .check if news is true then how come sebi allowed issue to go through .a big fraud and investor have to make complaint for refund with sebi as this issue cannot come when there is complaints in police for owner.please check and verify for this news
10. IPOANALYSIS  May 21, 2018 16:14 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Hold this stock tightly.

Gautam gems came at same price 36 rs and same LM is now 104 rs

UH zaveri is debt free company and is cheaper than its peers.

it can turn out to be multibagger like gautam gems, Shrenik
9. IPOANALYSIS  May 20, 2018 00:03 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
Grey market active in this one.
wont be surprised if it cross 100 rs in 6 months to 1 year .
9.1. SecTheta  May 20, 2018 14:02 I Like It. | Report Abuse
I agree. Lot of buyers in Grey Market. Strange but seems like a good bet..
8. IPOANALYSIS  May 18, 2018 14:43 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
can this repeat success of gautam gems which was issued at same price 36 rs is now 104 rs.
7. MAMU  May 18, 2018 11:11 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Allotment out
avaible on :-
6. RBLFIN  May 14, 2018 12:59 I Like It. | Report Abuse
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