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sagar dasa
3. sagar dasa  Apr 12, 2020 19:21 Reply

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

Stock market is again giving opportunity to exit the stocks.. please exit all the stocks n buy when nifty reaches 3000 points
amit K singh
3.1. amit K singh  Apr 16, 2020 14:31

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

@Sagar, @Mr Kumar, @ Carn Mohan, Corporates are not fools.... Worlds richest and wealthiest have their money in stock markets or shares. So why worry... anyway stock market is not the place for weak hearts...
3.2. Roxpatel  Apr 30, 2020 18:25

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

@sagar, are you still live? After you sold every stock, nifty is near 10000 now 😂
sagar dasa
2. sagar dasa  Apr 1, 2020 01:37 Reply

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

Hi All
Its almost confirmed that sensex will test at 8000 n nifty will reach to 3000 before staring a bull run.. So i am targetting SBI cards to buy around 300 levels by mid may 2020.. I am targeting to buy below stocks at given prices
1. Asian pains - Rs 500
2. Pidilite industries - Rs 400
3. Maruti - Rs 2,500
4. 3m india - Rs 8,000
5. PVR - Rs 500
6. Indian Hotels - Rs 30
7. Reliance industries - Rs 600
8. Bata - Rs 600
9. Kotak Bank - Rs 550
10. Dmart - Rs 1200.
amit K singh
2.2. amit K singh  Apr 1, 2020 20:16

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

@sagar, what ever retail thinks, they can think, but market will behave differently!!! It has its own way of movement, not one way/ two way road...
Kailash sharma
2.3. Kailash sharma  Apr 2, 2020 18:02

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

Only PVR can come to your dream prize none of those other stock comes this prize.
sagar dasa
1. sagar dasa  Mar 6, 2020 09:44 Reply

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO

If market dose not cross 11k on listing day.. SBI cards will list at discount.. Then it gives me good opportunity of buying.


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