Which is better 5paisa vs Zerodha?

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5paisa and Zerodha are both leading discount brokers offering online trading services. Both have their pros and cons. Here's a comparison of both:

5paisa Vs Zerodha




Account Opening Fee

Rs 650

Rs 300

Equity Delivery Brokerage

Flat Rs 20 per executed order

Rs 0 (Free)

Intraday and F&O Brokerage

Flat Rs 20 per executed order

Flat Rs 20 per executed order

Minimum Brokerage

Flat Rs 20 per executed order


Demat Account AMC

Rs 540 yearly

Rs 300 yearly

Demat Debit Transaction Fee

0.025% (minimum Rs 25 per transaction)

Rs 13.5 per scrip

Call & Trade

Rs 100 per call (any number of trades in a call)

Rs 50 per order

Mutual Fund Brokerage

Rs 20 per order

Rs 0 (Free)

Trading Platform

Trade Station is an average trading platforms

Kite is the best trading platform in the industry.

Trading Terminal



Research & Advisory Services

Available (at extra cost)



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