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How much margin does Zerodha offers in different segments? What are Zerodha margin requirements?

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Margins for Trading at Zerodha

Item Equity/Cash Futures Options Currency Commodity
Margin Benefit 4 - 10 times * 40% of Exchange prescribed margin ** None for buying. For Sell same as Futures **** 100% of Exchange prescribed 50% of Exchange prescribed margin
Margin Time 9:15 to 3:10 9:15 to 3:00 9:15 to 3:00 9:15 to 4:45 25 minutes before Close
If Shortage (square off) Positions will be squared off automatically Positions will be squared off by RMS Admin *** Positions will be squared off automatically Positions will be squared off automatically Positions will be squared off automatically
Margins against Stock 4 - 10 times based on Zerodha's valuation of customer portfolio Margin provided if MTM losses can be brought in on the same day Margin provided if MTM losses can be brought in on the same day Margin provided if MTM losses can be brought in on the same day  

* Intraday margins for Cash are pre-determined, so you will get 4 - 10 times exposure on your cash. We have an Excel sheet on our website which gives you the list of all stocks for which margins are provided.

** Intraday margins for Futures and writing options are 40% of the SPAN + Exposure margin prescribed by the exchange. You can view the SPAN margin report in your back office personal ledger. It's updated every day. Example: if the margin requirement for Nifty is Rs 25000, at Zerodha you can trade this at only Rs 10000

*** All Futures positions will be squared off by our RMS Admin desk starting at 3:00 PM. If you have sufficient funds, your positions won't be squared off. Admin square off entails a Call & Trade charge of Rs 20,so please square off on your own to avoid these charges.

Any open position which has a loss of over 80% of the capital will be squared off automatically without margin call. For example, if the exchange prescribed margin for Nifty is Rs 25000, you should have those funds in your account, failing which your position will be squared off. There will be no margin call from Zerodha.

Intraday margins are provided (on request) on the holdings in your account if you have sufficient cash for MTM difference.

**** For buying Options, you have to pay full cash, no margin benefit is provided.

For selling options, the margin requirement is similar to Futures margins. The margin requirement varies depending on the strike price and expiry date.

Margins for Options

Strike Price of Option Margin Required
At the Money Same as Futures
In the Money 30% more than Futures Margin
Deep in the Money 60% more than Futures Margin
Out of the Money 20% less than Futures Margin
Deep out of the Money 30% less than Futures Margin

The writing/sell price of Options increases based on the expiry date of the option. The near month option will use 20% more margin than the present month option. And similarly, the far month option will use 30% more margin than the present month option.


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