Is Sharekhan Portfolio Management Services available for NRIs?

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Yes, Sharekhan PMS services are available for NRIs. You will have to open a PIS account as required under RBI guidelines to avail the PMS services. Sharekhan offers 2 types of PMS services to NRIs

  1. PMS Proprime Diversified

    The ProPrime Diversified Equity PMS invests for a long term to create an equity portfolio with medium to high risk.

    • Investments are done in specific stocks based on fundamental research
    • Primarily Nifty Fifty or the BSE 100 scrips are selected for investments with an exposure of minimum 70% in the Nifty Fifty stocks and 90% in the BSE 100 stocks.
    • Minimum Investment Amount is Rs 25 Lakhs
    • Charges-
      • AMC fees: 2.5% annually (to be charged every quarter)
      • Brokerage: 0.5%
      • Profit-sharing: 20% profit sharing after the 15% returns is gained at the end of every fiscal year
  2. PMS Wealth Optimizer

    The strategy is to identify most undervalued stocks of growing companies based on reported financial performance.

    • Automated decision-making system assigns value to each stock through fundamental analysis.
    • Stocks with higher growth potential are selected
    • Top 10 stocks are selected each day
    • The exposure in each sector is restricted to 20% of the client's portfolio
    • Stocks invested are reviewed every quarter based on quarterly results
    • Minimum Investment Amount is Rs 25 Lakhs


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