How to stop MF SIP in Sharekhan?

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Sharekhan customers can stop their Mutual Funds SIP in Sharekhan at any time. The easiest way to stop your SIP is by submitting an online request.

Steps to Stop Mutual Fund SIP in Sharekhan Online

  1. Visit Sharekhan website
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to the Mutual Funds section
  4. Click on the View SIP to get a list of all your existing SIPs
  5. Select and cancel the desired one.


  • You could also cancel your SIP by contacting the customer care on Phone/email or through the chat services available on the website. The customer care team will guide you on the process to stop SIP.
  • Stopping SIP doesn't mean that the invested amount will be credited to your account. To get back the invested amount, you need to redeem the mutual fund units.


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