How to open NRI trading account?

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An NRI trading account can be opened by approaching a stockbroker or banks offering 3-in-1 account services. An NRI trading account is required to place the buy/sell order with the broker.

Documents required for opening an NRI trading account:

  1. Document about your current Status:
  • In case of an Indian passport:
    • Valid passport and
    • Place of birth as India and
    • Valid Visa - Work/Student/employment/resident permit etc.
  • In case of foreign passport: Valid passport and any of the following:
  • Place of Birth as India in the foreign passport or
  • Copy of PIO / OCI Card
  1. Copy of the PIS Permission Letter from the respective designated bank for trading on a repatriation
  2. Copy of FEMA declaration.
  3. FATCA declaration.
  4. The PIS NRE/NRO bank accounts cancelled check leaf.
  5. PAN Card.
  6. Overseas Address Proof - Driving License/ Foreign Passport /Utility Bills/Bank statement (not more than 2 months old)/Notarized copy of rent agreement/ leave & license agreement/ Sale deed.
  7. Proof of respective bank accounts & depository accounts.
  8. Account opening fee cheque.
  9. Duly signed account opening forms.


  1. The above is a generic list of documents for reference and the requirements may vary a bit from broker to broker.
  2. The documents should be self-attested and notarized by Indian Embassy or any other competent authority like Consulate General / Notary Public / Any Court / Magistrate / Judge / Local Banker in the country where the NRI resides.


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