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How do I apply for the rights issue?

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One can apply for the rights issue online or offline through the ASBA process. Recently, SEBI has also made a temporary arrangement to apply for rights using the R-WAP facility. (Registrar's Web-based application platform)

Steps to apply:

  1. Investors need to fill up the application form received from the company. Alternatively, investors can download the application form from the websites of exchange, company, registrar, or company.
  2. Investors are generally required to furnish their details which include depository details, PAN No., and, bank account number.
  3. The duly filled up and signed application form is required to be submitted physically to the designated branch of Self-Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSB) or online. In case of application through the R-WAP facility, the form is required to be filled up online.
  4. Once the applications are processed, SCSB blocks the application money in the applicant's account.

Note: An investor is required to have an ASBA enabled account for making an application through the ASBA facility and UPI facility or net banking for making applications through the R-WAP facility.


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How can I apply rights issue of suzlon re1ppd
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in this video cover all this think #rightissuesapply

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Can I apply for RE on Saturday and Sunday