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Incorporated in 2006, Alice Blue is a Bangalore based discount stock broker offering stock and commodity trading services at BSE, NSE, and MCX. Alice Blue also offers depository service (demat account) through its membership with CDSL. AliceBlue offers 2 brokerage plans, 'Trade Pro' and 'Freedom 20' to its customers. In the 'Trade Pro' plan, the company charges percentage-based brokerage. Customers have to pay a fixed percentage of the trading value. For intraday trading, a trader has to pay ... Know more about Alice Blue

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Alice Blue brokerage complaints report provide detail about the number of complaints received by the stock exchanges from the Alice Blue customers. The Alice Blue consumer complaints report analyzes the Alice Blue online complaint data provided by BSE and NSE. This report shows the health of the broker.

These complaints are serious grievances against Alice Blue broker which the broker and customer failed to resolve. The customer then filed these legal complaints with the stock exchange.

The Alice Blue complaint no. report also provides Alice Blue’s number of active clients. This shows the growth of the broker year on year.

Alice Blue Consumer Complaints

Exchange Financial Year Number of Clients   ? Total Complaints  ?
NSE 2020-21 50,803 28
BSE 2019-20 3,071 5
NSE 2019-20 37,295 87
NSE 2018-19 6,513 7
NSE 2017-18 5,181 17
BSE 2016-17 54 1
NSE 2016-17 4,476 30
NSE 2015-16 4,317 22
NSE 2014-15 3,804 10
NSE 2013-14 2,065 2

Alice Blue complaint at NSE

Defaulter Yes/NoNoNoNo
No. of clients at the beginning of the year
No. of active clients50803372956513
No. of complaints received *28877
Resolved through the exchange8695
Non actionable **250
Advised / Opted for arbitration030
Pending for redressal with exchange18102
No. of arbitration filed by clients11
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients11
Decided by the arbitrators1
Pending for redressal with arbitrators0
% of No. of complaints as against No. of active clients0.050.230.1
% of complaints resolved as against complaints received35.7188.571.42

Alice Blue complaint at BSE

Defaulter Yes/NoNoNo
No. of clients at the beginning of the year6977431
No. of active clients307154
No. of complaints received *51
Resolved through the exchange41
Non actionable **00
Advised / Opted for arbitration00
Pending for redressal with exchange10
No. of arbitration filed by clients00
Decided by arbitrators in favour of the clients00
Decided by the arbitrators00
Pending for redressal with arbitrators00
% of No. of complaints as against No. of active clients01.85
% of complaints resolved as against complaints received80100


  • * Including against its sub brokers, authorised persons, employees, etc.
  • ** Non actionable means the complaint that are incomplete / outside the scope of the Stock Exchange

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Shezad Manjothi
20. Shezad Manjothi  Jun 19, 2020 13:38 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I called customer care for 20-30 times have to wait for 5-6 minutes to get my call attend then they give me several number to call to activate my account it has been 7 working days and my account still isnt activated when i call mr abhijit they told me that a girl name payal will call me for the process then she called me an talked to me in an unbearable manners
Full Moon Solution
19. Full Moon Solution  Jun 15, 2020 17:14 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I took account in Alice Blue around one month ago.
I need customer support for my trading. More than 100 times I call for support,
But nobody help me in this way.

I recommend everybody not to take account in Alice Blue.
It is a very very irresponsible team.
18. Manish  Jun 14, 2020 09:22 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Alice Blue have zero support assistance and the support team is the worst, never takes any email seriously, no response to email either, gives wrong assistance and closes the support email ticket, many technical glitches found in their mobile app, stop loss hit even when price do not reach the trigger price, a lot of improvements to be seen especially in the support area,
Sujit patil
17. Sujit patil  May 29, 2020 14:04 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Customers support team is not good.
Am trying to call them but no one is piking my phone,
Also i have sumbmited the documents on saturday and till my account has not opened.
They saying tomorrow tomorrow. Still u days has left.
Kalpesh BHIKHABHAI Patel
16. Kalpesh BHIKHABHAI Patel  Sep 21, 2019 17:59 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
My problem of 09/09/ not solved. Please solved my problems and contak
16.1. RAGHU RAM  Oct 7, 2019 20:22 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse
I also incurred loss on that day due to their technical problem till not solved and i registered complaint at both nse and sebi
anil kumar
16.2. anil kumar  May 28, 2020 13:22 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse
is ur problem solved or still its in pending????
Hemant athale
15. Hemant athale  Feb 27, 2020 18:28 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
This is one of the best fake company according to my problem I was concerned director of this company name rajesh he is not replying now last he made a message that our company not able to refund money .
I have mail of his company regarding that there was technical issue happened thane my question is company is yous also software is yours mistake made by your company and software why customer suffering loss of 89 k . So please avoid aliceblue if u have demat account please close it otherwise u will suffer in future
15.1. Prasanna  Feb 28, 2020 19:28 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse
Even I faced the same issue with a loss of 29k.
Useless cheaters, unprofessional organization, did not even pick the calls. Highly irritating unethical practice of Alice blue. No response to emails too...lost is lost.
anil kumar
15.2. anil kumar  May 28, 2020 13:18 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse
i have 54k minus in my aliceblue account, how can i close account?????

on 13/03/2020 i placed bank nifty short with 1 lot market was lower circuit, after re-open market they squared off my position with 52K loss without its 54K with charges

14. Anish  Apr 7, 2020 15:19 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I also lost 12000 before 2 months due to their software issue and my account was showing -18000 (Minus balance). when I call, the staff said management can't do anything. after one month the balance was showing zero. Then I deposited 2000 again and immediately that money also disappeared. what a cheater.. does anybody know where to complain?
anil kumar
14.1. anil kumar  May 28, 2020 13:14 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse
are you still holding that account or have u closed?????
Saksham Vageriya
13. Saksham Vageriya  May 27, 2020 13:38 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I am having trouble to open my account from the last 7 days
Your brokers are so irresponsible
I need to open my account right now asap
Contact me asap
12. Manikandan  May 9, 2020 00:15 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
One of the Worst Brocking service Ever... No#1 cheating company in the name of Software Errors. Please Friends stay away from This..
My Mail tells the Clear Issue Regarding Thier Fraud Software:
Dear Team,
Today morning I Bought the NIFTY APR 9300CE option contract and awaiting the target. I Placed an order via your Online Trading. keep watching the market for the same.

Suddenly my M2M becomes -2300 and -1900 likewise keep on showing. I was very shocked because I purchased single lot, and I Didn't expect this much volatility.
So, I am urgently trying to close my position but suddenly came to know the NIFTY value which shows in your site is wrong.

So, I opened another broker account (Zerodha ) to compare the values of NIFTY and OPTIONS.
it's crystal clear your system having Technical glitch during the Market Hours. I recorded the Screen as video, uploaded it here for your reference. But,

1) What if I close the Positions Based on your Errors will be ended with Loss or Missing more Profit Opportunity.

2) what if someone purchased heavy Quantity ... how he/she reacting by seeing your wrong values?

3) Why i am facing this Kind of Technical Issue from a well-growing broker form like u, saying technically fulfilled from all aspects?

4) we are having experienced more than 12 years from the stock market. we never faced this kind of issue before.

5) Is your system Really Connected with Exchange Server?

6) This will be questioning everything the Trust and Trades execution methods of your Brocker form?

Please, we expect proper Answer and Clarification.for this issue.
They Replied: As per your tail mail chart issue has been cleared . Thank you good day!

But Nothing Happened .

Mail #2:

Dear TEAM,
Please consider my mail as a serious issue. Already I sent VIDEO regarding data mismatch error between your terminal to another broker terminal.
I received the reply that the issue has been fixed. see.. today I bought NIFTY and BANKNIFTY PE's. the price showing in your Ant web platform is wrong as usual as I explained earlier. Today also the same. but the more shocking fact is your ANT Desk Application showing correct values and M2M compare with exchange data and other broker terminals while ANT_web and Ant_mobile were wrong.
I have attached the screenshot below for your reference.
as per my Positions,
1) M2M in ANT Desktop shows +5873.75 (NIFTY9400CE LTP: 199 | BANKNIFTY20100PE LTP: 718.35)
2) M2M in ANTWeb shows +10276.25 (NIFTY9400CE LTP: 216.75 | BANKNIFTY20100PE LTP: 761.85)
3) ANT Mobile app showing the same value of ANT_Web (wrong data).

As per the Observation :
AND Desktop Application showing correct value and Exact M2M corresponding to my Holdings.
ANT_Web and ANT_Mobile showing wrong data (10 mins to 15 mins Delayed sometimes) also showing entirely wrong M2M.

1) How this error has been coming frequently from your home products itself?
2) Again I am shocking. What if I close my Position Based on wrong m2m values?
3) If the Ant_Desk is enough for trade, Then what s the purpose of ANT_web and ANT_Mobile?
4) can I get your RISK Team or IT Team Mail id or Manager Number?
5) shall we inform this issue to the Exchange or SEBI if it's required?

Pls, don't send the single line reply like before after 3 days. Kindly understand our own money involved in this Risk.

Again They Replied: As per your tail mail chart issue has been cleared . Thank you good day!

11. mukeshdadure  Mar 11, 2020 18:25 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Today I was CRUDEOIl March contract my position is hit before going to my stoploss
Pradeep kumar
10. Pradeep kumar  Feb 28, 2020 13:44 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply

This is to bring it to your kind notice i made a mistake of choosing alice blue trading platform. 0% support from the so called franchise people based in madurai.. lethogical reply or no reply from branch people... for past 10 days trying my best to get clarity on their trade platforms after opening my account with them ... no use..till account opening i got so many calls after opening not even one call !! so my sincere advice not to choose alice blue for trading ( that too madurai branch strick no !!! ) disappointed alice blue customer ID AB07050. ( P. S Now i understood the value of my other trading platform which i am using past one year they are 200% professional from day one )
mohammed kashif ali
9. mohammed kashif ali  Oct 8, 2019 16:36 I Like It. 1 | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
i have been in great depression with aliceblue because i dont know what to say, but i want to share here hopefully they will clarify on this. i have traded in gold mini then i realized the brokerage how much important it is while trading. but i feeling i am only that kind of fool somewhere i read mentioned about aliceblue india's no 1 cheapest brokerage. anyway i have open account with aliceblue some shit plan they call traditional plan and i have traded with 4 goldmini nov 2019 yesterday date was 07-10-2019. i have took multiple trades around 6 or 7 i was quite lucky i had 4320 profit at the end of the day coool...
but in the next on 08-10-2019 when i checked balance sheet how much do you expect brokerage and charges deducted ?

surprise (4320 gone and also -289.47 =-4609.47 total) quite interesting right , feel's great and proud to be a member of aliceblue. what do you expect is this brokerage company or kind of forcing people to payback what we earned. and also please comment and share about my current situation thanks you.... i love to pray for them who are already joined aliceblue and trading too...

Hemant athale
8. Hemant athale  Feb 22, 2020 17:41 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
India's no.1 fraud company regarding services and support also too many technical issues I have made complaint regarding that because they converted my mis order in to carry forward without exposer and showing loss of 89k if you have account in this company then close it and choose proper and loyal company
Hemant athale
7. Hemant athale  Feb 22, 2020 17:34 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
My client code mpn118 i have take trade in crude on 20 Feb. In 10 lots mis order but my 5 lots are converted in carry forward and showing loss of 89k when I ask to their representative first in 10 attempt he wasn't response to my call after he receiving my call he says that due to technical issue this thing happens not only with me but the other 11 traders how cheap things these are so keep away from Alice blue for safe trading
6. Srichandra  Jan 29, 2020 06:17 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
They give best margin but they will deduct from your saying late payment like Lot of hidden charges. No response to mails and no one give proper answer if u call to help desk. I escalated to aliceblue Griviliance and mgmt but no response.. Useless app it won't work 90℅ of the time. So it recommended to open account with aliceblue.
5. Sonu  Jan 7, 2020 19:08 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Sab s worng company h Zerotha all the best
Chetan Borade
4. Chetan Borade  Jan 7, 2020 18:03 I Like It. 2 | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Alice blue no client support
Today my sl hit but price not go there Alice blue cut my position in loss
Hemant Dhirwani
3. Hemant Dhirwani  Dec 30, 2019 10:50 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Fund add hone k baad fund na demat me add hota he na bank account me refund aata he sidha hawa ho jata he custemer serivice to bahut kharab he kabhi call hee receive nahi karte Clint's ke i m not satisfied with alicblue service help line
2. Raghu  Nov 28, 2019 21:55 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
They no cheaters they only create technical problems when clients in profit they are with sebi corruption they are also involved
1. karthik  Nov 12, 2019 12:33 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
hi Team,

i have trading in Alice franchise not support to need to change branch .i have sent mail to erode branch but still no response. kindly support.

Id: AB026993


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