Where to open a demat account in India?

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To open your Demat Account, you first need to select a Depository Participant(DP). Most stock brokers in India are also DP with either CDSL or NSDL.

With most brokers going online, it has become easy and quick to open a demat account. Depending on the services provided by a stockbroker, a demat account can be opened in many ways:

  1. Instant Paperless Demat Account

    Many brokers like 5paisa and Zerodha these days offer instant online demat account facility wherein the account can be opened in 15 to 30 minutes. This service is available for customers who have Aadhar card with their current mobile number linked to it. Customers need to submit required documents in digital form, pay the fees online, the verification is done through a webcam and if all goes well, the account is opened instantly.

  2. Online Contact Form

    Some brokers have an online contact form on their websites. People who want to open a demat account need to fill in the form entering their name, email and mobile number etc. A company representative will then contact them to take forward the account opening process.

  3. Branch Visit

    Many brokers, especially full-service brokers have branch offices across their area of operations. These offices serve as customer service hubs wherein people can open demat accounts.


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