Best Brokers for Stock Recommendations in India (Share Market Tips)

Published on Saturday, April 20, 2019 by Team | Modified on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Best Brokers for Stock Recommendations in India (Share Market Tips)

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Finding the best stocks to buy is key to success in the stock market. But it requires experience and expert level research to find the best opportunities in the market. This article discusses research services offered by stock brokers and provides you with a list of top brokers for stock recommendations in India.

Research services offered by a stock broker is an important determinant while choosing a good stock broker. So much so that experienced traders are willing to pay more in brokerage to a broker who offers them good share market tips. And it makes sense. You can potentially save a few thousand in brokerage but the profit potential of good stocks is immense. More so if you are a long term player.

What is stock recommendations or share market tips?

Stock recommendations (also called trading tips and trading calls) is a service offered by stock brokers to their customers wherein the company's research team regularly advises customers on best stocks to buy and other profitable investment opportunities. Brokers offering such services have a dedicated research team consisting of stock analysts and market experts who conduct a fundamental and technical analysis to identify stocks that have the potential to deliver profits in the long and short term.

The share market tips or trading calls generally include the current price of the stock, target price of the stock and time period within which it is expected to reach the target price. Brokers also provide detailed analysis of the recommended stock with reasons for their expected price rise in the future.

Types of stock recommendations offered by brokers

The research team of brokers generally give different types of stock recommendations like-

  • Stock recommendations for long term

    Such stock recommendations are for those traders who want to invest in a stock for the long term, generally over a year.

  • Best stocks to buy for short term

    Research teams of stock brokers also come up with stock recommendations for short term periods ranging from 15 days to a few months.

  • Stocks to buy today

    Some share brokers also offer recommendation on a daily basis. These are mostly aimed at traders who want to know the best stock to buys on a particular day.

  • Stock pick of the week

    There are some traders who suggest stock recommendations for the week. These recommendations are for the stocks who are going to see a significant upward price movement in the particular week.

  • Best intraday stocks list

    There's a group of investors who do intraday trading i.e. they buy and sell a stock in a day. These traders aim to gain from the sudden rise or fall in the price of a stock. Brokers offer stock recommendations for intraday traders.

Many brokerage firms don't just limit themselves to stock recommendations but also advise on other financial instruments like Mutual Funds, IPOs, and Bonds, etc.

Finding Best Brokers For Stock Recommendations or Share Market Tips

While most brokers and sub-brokers offer stock trading tips or trading calls, you need to look at the quality and the history of the brokers in providing share market tips. Here are a few tips on finding the best brokers for stock recommendations-

  • Create a list of brokers who provide stock recommendations

    Not all brokers provide stock recommendations. Only brokers who have dedicated research teams provide share market tips. Most of the online discount brokers do not offer stocks recommendations whereas most of the full-service brokers offer share market tips. Here's a list of top brokers for share market tips:

  • Enquire about the quality of their stock recommendations

    Talk to your friends or people who are using the brokers to know about the quality and history of stock recommendations. It goes without saying that not all stock recommendations come true. The research team picks stocks with the potential to deliver returns. But many times they don't. And many times they do. So there's no broker who can offer you stock recommendations with guaranteed returns.

  • Start small with the share market tips

    Once you have opened a trading account with the broker then start by investing a small amount of money in the stock tips. And then as you gain confidence in the quality of tips, invest big. Also, diversify by investing in small amounts in multiple recommendations. That way you will minimize the risk of losses.

Do brokers charge for stock recommendation services?

It depends on the broker and your brokerage plan. Some brokers offer a few limited free stock recommendations and charge for more while with some brokerage firms, you need to pay a subscription fee to avail the service. So it is always better to check the charges for research services before opening a demat and trading account with a broker.

Key Takeaways

  • Stock recommendation services are an easy way for traders to find profitable opportunities. However, there's no guarantee of performance and traders must realize that they are investing at their own risks.
  • Most of the full-service brokers who have dedicated research teams offer share market tips.
  • Look at the quality and history of the stock recommendations while selecting a broker.
  • Don't just rely on stock recommendations. Read the accompanying stock analysis to understand the reasons behind. This will help you make an informed decision on investing in that stock.

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1. Viral Shah   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Oct 13, 2019 6:56:16 PM Reply
Does Zerodha provide tips?
1.1. Team   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Oct 13, 2019 7:00:00 PM
Hi Viral,
No, Zerodha doesn't provide research reports or stock tips. Zerodha is purely an online stock broker offering discount brokerage service (Flat Rs 20 per trade).

Zerodha doesn't have a research team. They also have no plans to have this service in the future.

If you are looking for a discount broker offering tips and advisory, you could consider Edelweiss (Rs 10 per trade).

Hope this helps.