What is Choice Broking Jiffy?

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Jiffy is an all- in- one stock trading platform offered by Choice Broking for stock market investments in Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodity, and IPO. It is aimed to make trading easy, simple, and fast and is offered to Choice Broking customers free of cost. 

Jiffy is available on Android, iOS, and web and is built using cutting-edge technology with a host of features like real-time market data, insightful research reports, a clean and intuitive user interface, price alerts, secure trading, etc.

Read Choice Broking Mobile App for more details.


1. Pratibha Kaushik   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Oct 21, 2021 10:41:03 AM Reply
I am already a client of choice BROKING. We husband and wife are client of choice. Husband 's account is already logged in. It doesn't allow my account to be logged in. How should I do it?