How to use ICICI Direct?

ICICIdirect Account Opening

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To use various trading and investment services offered by ICICI Direct, you first need to open a 3-in-1 account combining the trading, demat and bank account. You can open an ICICI 3-in-1 account online as well as offline by visiting the ICICI Bank branch.

Once your account is opened, you're ready to trade/invest with ICICI Direct. You could use ICICI Direct to:

  • Buy/sell equity shares of listed companies
  • Trade in Equity Derivatives (F&O)
  • Trade in Currency Derivatives (F&O)
  • Buy/sell ETFs and NCD
  • Buy/sell Mutual Funds
  • Investing in IPO
  • Buy Company FDs (CFD)
  • Buy Life and General Insurance
  • Take Loan Against Securities (LAS)
  • Portfolio Management Services

The company offers the following software for online investment:

  • ICICI Direct website (Web-based Trading)
  • ICICI Direct Mobile (Mobile Trading App)
  • Trade Racer (Desktop Platform)

Steps to trade with ICICIDirect Website

  • Log in to
  • In the left navigation bar, expand 'Equity' and click 'Allocate Funds / Limit'
  • Add funds to 'Secondary Market Equity, ETF' and click Submit.
  • In the left navigation bar, expand 'Equity' and click 'Place Order'
  • Enter the order information.
  • Confirm the order.
  • In the left navigation bar, expand 'Equity' and click 'Order Book'
  • Check the status of your order.


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