Do stock dividends get automatically deposited in linked NRI bank account?

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Yes, the dividends are automatically credited through electronic fund transfer in the linked NRI bank account.

NRI demat account is linked to NRE or NRO Saving Bank Account at the time of account opening. The benefits from demat holding including dividend, interest, etc. are automatically credited to the linked NRI Bank Account.

NRIs usually open 2 demat accounts; NRO and NRE Demat Accounts.

  1. The NRO Demat Account is for non-repatriable investment, ESOP and to keep stocks from old resident Indian demat account.
  2. The NRE Demat Account is for new stock market investment repatriation basis through PIS.

NRI Dividend Repatriability:

  • The dividend received in the NRO account on account of shares held in the NRO Demat account is repatriable to the extent of USD 1 million per year along with other assets for NRIs/ PIO.
  • The dividend received in the NRE account on account of the shares held in the NRE Demat account is freely repatriable.


  • Only 1 bank account can be linked with a demat account.
  • Corporate benefits may be in the form of the dividend, interest, rights, bonus, etc.
  • Any corporate benefit resulting out of investment in securities on a non-repatriation basis will not carry the right of repatriation.

Any corporate benefit resulting out of investments in securities on a repatriation basis will carry the right of repatriation.


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