Compare Between ICICIDirect and Sharekhan?

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ICICI Direct and Sharekhan both are full-service brokers. ICICI Direct offers a 3-in-1 account while Sharekhan offers a 2-in-1 account. While ICICI Direct has branches in all major cities, Sharekhan has a presence in almost every corner of India through its branches offices and sub-brokers.

Compare Between ICICIDirect and Sharekhan

ICICI Direct Sharekhan

Full-Service Broker

Full-Service Broker

Offer 3-in- 1 account

Offer 2-in-1 account

% based brokerage charges. 0.55% for equity delivery.

% based brokerage charges. 0.50% for equity delivery.

Brokerage is not negotiable.

Brokerage can be negotiated.

Doesn't offer commodity trading

Offer commodity trading.

Good local support through relationship managers.

Excellent local support through relationship managers.

Doesn't offer any education programs.

Offers online and classroom training, seminars and workshops to investors.

Charge Rs 25 per call after the first 20 free calls per month.

Call & Trade facility is free.

Doesn't accept FDs as collateral.

Accepts a fixed deposit (FD) as collateral.

Offer an ASBA IPO application.

Offer a UPI IPO application.

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