Can an NRI do online trading in India?

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Yes, NRIs are permitted to trade online in India in Equity and Currency at BSE and NSE exchanges. Many NRIs living around the world regularly invest and trade in India. NRI investment in equity on a non-repatriation basis is very simple. But the investment on repatriation basis slightly complicated due to RBI and SEBI regulations for this.

Once your NRI Trading, NRI Demat and NRI Bank Accounts are set up, the stock market investments are totally online. NRI customers can invest or trade from anywhere around the world.

If you recently become an NRI and use to trade in India before, remember that NRI trading is allowed only in limited segments and scripts. The brokerage for NRI accounts is higher than that for resident accounts.

Here are a few key things to know about what an NRI could do and what he could not:

  • Equity Delivery and F&O trades are allowed.
  • Intraday trading is not allowed.
  • Commodities trading is now allowed.
  • Order types like BTST or STBT are not permitted.


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