Which are the allowed order types for an NRI?

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NRIs are permitted to do Equity Delivery, Equity F&O and Currency F&O trading in India. NRIs are not permitted to do intraday trading.

An NRI can place a market order and limit order. The stop-loss order is mostly used for intraday trading. However, since NRIs are not allowed to do intraday trading in equity, this order type may not be offered to NRIs by all brokers. Some brokers may still allow NRI to place stop-loss orders in the F&O segment.

Apart from the above common order types, the other advance order types that NRIs have access to are After Market Order (AMO) and Good Till Cancelled Order (GTC).

The availability of advance order types like AMO and GTC depends on the broker to broker. Please check with your broker for available order types for NRI.


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