What is trigger price in Sharekhan?

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The trigger price is part of a Stop Loss order. When you place a Stop Loss order, you need to enter 2 types of prices; Trigger Price and Limit Price. Your Stop Loss order gets activated when the price of a security reaches or crosses the Trigger Price. The order is executed at the limit price mentioned by you.

For example, you buy 100 shares at a price of Rs 350. You put a Stop Loss order to minimize your losses in case the share price goes down. Your trigger price is Rs 345 and the limit price is Rs 340. Now as soon as the share price reaches 345 or goes below, a Sell order will be automatically placed by the system. The order will be executed when the share price reaches Rs 340.


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डायरेक्टली लिमिट ऑर्डर पर 450 भी सेट कर सकते है फिर लिमिट ऑर्डर और स्टॉप लिमिट में फर्क क्या हुआ?

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