What is the cut-off time for an IPO application?

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The cut-off time for IPO application is the time on the last day of IPO until when a bank or broker allows investors to apply for an IPO.

While the exchanges accept the IPO bids till 5 PM on the last day, most banks have their own cut-off time at around 2 PM or 3 PM. They use the remaining time to process the applications and make sure that all applications get uploaded to the exchanges by 5 PM.

The SBI Bank IPO cut-off time is 2 PM, ICICI bank has it at 3 PM, and Kotak bank at 2 PM.

The cut-off time may get extended in some special cases by the exchange and the banks. A company may ask exchanges to extend the bid time in case it didn't receive enough bids or the bidding got interrupted due to any reason in regular bidding hours.


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