How to view GTT in Zerodha?

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You can view GTT in Zerodha under the GTT tab in the Kite Orderbook. All orders placed using Create GTT option get displayed under the GTT tab.

Initially, the status of all orders under the GTT reflect as Active. Once the trigger set for GTT gets hit, the order status will get changed to Triggered, and the order moves to the Pending tab.

You can check the status of these Pending orders under the Pending tab of the order book. The order is kept open for the entire day till the matching price is found on the exchange. Once the price matches, the order gets executed and moves to Executed tab. In case the price match is not found, the order gets canceled by the system at the end of the day. Once the order gets canceled, it is required to be placed again. You can modify the order if required before it gets executed.


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