How to track direct mutual funds?

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You can track your direct mutual funds in many ways including-

  • Stock Broker's Platform- If you're investing in direct funds through stock brokers Zerodha, and 5paisa then you can track your investments in the platform itself. However, you would only be able to track only those funds brought through the platform.
  • AMC Website- You can track your direct mutual fund investments on the AMC website. However, here you can only track your investments with the particular AMC and not all of your investments if you have invested in funds of 3-4 different AMCs.
  • 3rd party platforms- There are some 3rd party platforms like ET portfolio, Moneycontrol portfolio management etc., wherein you can track all your direct mutual funds. You need to open an account and enter all your investment information and it will show you the real-time performance of your investments.


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