How to fill Zerodha account closure form online?

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Zerodha account closure form is an editable pdf that can be filled digitally. Check sample form for reference

To fill the Zerodha account closure form online:

  1. Download the 'Zerodha account closure/deactivate form' from the Zerodha website.
  2. Tick the desired account type/segment for closure - Trading, Demat, or Commodity.
  3. Tick on Deactivate account or Close account based on whether you want to close the account permanently or temporarily.
  4. Type/Enter the below details:
    • Trading Client ID
    • BO ID
    • Names of all account holders.
    • Address of the account holder.
    • Reasons for closure.
    • Target DP ID and Client ID (in case of closure cum transfer).
  5. Save the pdf form on your machine.
  6. E-sign the form.

Note: In case of closure cum transfer, you need to sign the form and submit the hard copy to Zerodha Head office along with the Client master list of the beneficiary account.


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