How Demat Account Works in India?

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As per SEBI guidelines, you cannot buy shares in physical forms at the exchanges. That means to buy or sell shares; you will need the dematerialized forms of the shares.

Demat Account Process

A Demat account process takes place in the following manner:

  • Every demat account has a unique ID to help the stock exchange credit or debit the securities from the right account.
  • When you place a buy request, the broker will take T+2 days to reflect the shares in your account. Within T+2 days, you will receive the shares in a dematerialised form in your demat account. This is an automatic process and you are not required to follow an additional process to complete them.
  • To sell the shares in your account, you need to place a Sell order. After successful execution of the order, the shares are debited from the demat account as per the settlement schedule of the exchange and the amount is credited in your linked bank account.

You can access the demat account online and check whether the securities are accurately credited and debited.


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