How buy direct mutual fund?

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Direct mutual funds are offered by AMCs or stock brokers like Zerodha, and 5paisa. You can invest online as well as offline.

Steps to Buy Direct Funds Online

  1. Open an account with the stock broker
  2. Complete your KYC if not already done
  3. Visit the company's platform
  4. Transfer funds from the bank account to the mutual fund account
  5. Choose the desired scheme
  6. Invest in a lump sum or SIP mode

Steps to Buy Direct Fund Offline

  1. Download the mutual fund application form from the AMC or stock broker website
  2. Fill the form and attach a cheque.
  3. Submit it to the investor service centre/branch of the AMC or its registrar and transfer agent (RTA) like Computer Age Management Services (CAMS), and Karvy etc.

Note: KYC (Know Your Customer) is a one-time process. You don't have to do it every time you invest in a new fund.


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