Can we open a Demat account in the name of a partnership firm?

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Yes, you could open a demat and trading account in the name of a Partnership Firm, Private Limited Company, HUF, Trust or any other organization.

Here are a few facts:

  • Simillar to an individual account, you could open multiple demat accounts on a company name.
  • The account opening process for company's is manual by filling paper form.
  • Managing the demat account for the company is as convenient as you do individual accounts.
  • You will have to use ASBA (net banking) to apply for IPO using this account. UPI cannot be used as UPI is for individuals only.
  • All earning from a company account goes to the company and this lible for tax as per company's account.
  • In case of Pvt Ltd companies, Memorandum of Association document may require updates. Please consult your CA for this.


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